This New Hazmat Suit for the Disco Club is Awesome

This is the awesomest of the awesome: a new hazmat suit for the club scene that will keep you both safe and fashionable.

And you can vape inside of it.

It’s called the Micrashell and I’m getting one and it is going to be the only thing I wear for the rest of my life.

It does everything you would ever want a hazmat disco suit to do.

It is fashionable.

You can vape in it.

You don’t have to breathe the same air as the filthy and disease-ridden plebs.

You will look great, bitches will be all up on your dick trying to get that dick out of its case. But that dick isn’t coming out. Nothing of your beautiful skin will touch the filth of the outside realm.

You can integrate your phone into the system. You can vape inside of it.

Look at these specs.

This is the future, this is now.

This is the Micrashell.