This Lunatic ACLU Twitter Thread

The ACLU is a Jewish organization.

It should not actually surprise anyone that they are promoting the alternate reality that the Jews have collectively created and forced on the Western population.

That said, it is always going to be shocking to have an institution lying with such ferocity as this.

It’s really too dumb to even respond to. These people are lying. These are lies on par with The Independent claiming that Kyle Rittenhouse killed three black men.

I hate to have to say it (not really): this is the thing that I warned against when the censorship began in 2017. The media, the government, and the institutions like the ACLU – collectively “the Jews” – are now at a point where no one can question them, no one can push back against their narratives, so they can just say whatever they want.

Those of you who come here and read this site every day are likely not aware of just how bad it is out there – how totally separated from basic reality the masses of people are.

We have dropped into a complete void, where there is no truth and there is no reality.

We are living in HOAX WORLD.