This Lockdown Won’t Ever End And the Riots are Coming Back

The World Economic Forum last week released an advertisement for a “smart mask.”

It reminds you to put it on and tells you when you are not breathing enough.

That certainly seems like a very important invention, and it will save the turtles from getting trapped in a mask.

One can’t help but wonder: if George Floyd had been wearing a smart mask, what would have went differently? Would the mask have reminded him to breathe? Moreover, would the mask have said “these pills you’re taking have too much fentanyl in them, please take fewer of these pills, at least until you don’t have so much amphetamine in your bloodstream”?

No doubt, this smart mask will make our lives simpler and easier.

However, the WEF announcing this item seems to be a very clear indication of an uncomfortable fact that certain kooks have been saying for more than a year: there is no plan to stop the masks and various other “pandemic” measures.

That is to say: you cannot wake up from this.

This entire process, from the beginning, has been about telling people “it will be over soon.” At this point, we are increasingly seeing these people admit that it won’t ever be over.

Slowly, we are going to transition from a virus-based totalitarian lockdown system into a global warming-based totalitarian lockdown system, but certain elements of the virus stuff will remain forever or until the current order dissolves. The masks thing has worked astonishingly well to create a sense of total loathing and alienation among the masses of people.

I have been avoiding masks, but you can’t really avoid them 100%. Once when wearing one, I made eye-contact with a stranger and smiled. I realized that they couldn’t see my smile, and then realized that making eye contact with a stranger you are not speaking with and not smiling is virtually always going to be perceived as menacing. What I realized then was that I shouldn’t make eye-contact with the mask on, which is utterly dehumanizing, and also nearly as anti-social as making menacing eye-contact.

This inability to see people’s emotions is creating a sense of social anxiety, fear and alienation, because over 50% of human communication is body language. Some large portion of that involves facial expressions, which are primarily communicated with the mouth. Studies have repeatedly shown that facial expressions play a huge role in how people decide who to trust. Here’s an interesting one (I’m sure if you want to know more, you can find that .pdf for less than $15 ?). What this is doing is creating a world where everyone feels, at all times, that they’re surrounded by people they can’t trust, who could be out to hurt them.

The masks induce a feeling that schizophrenics usually feel: that they are surrounded by monsters.

I hate to have to do this, but it is too true not to do it: everyone ends up feeling like the kid in MGMT’s “Kids” video.

That very creepy video is an art film showing how a small child feels about the strange and scary world outside of his mother’s arms. It’s important to note that driving people into full alienation also digs up the infantile state that remains hidden somewhere deep in a man his entire life. The infantile is also a state in which people respond directly and constantly to authority, and view authority as protective. When you are an infant, without these large humans who rule over you protecting you, you will literally die.

The ruling deciders know all this, and this masks project was done specifically to cause total alienation and fear among the population, which in turn makes them significantly more likely to blindly follow authority. Marxist studies of power dynamics have this more or less exactly right. A good overview of this is in Sidney Joe Jackson’s seminal 1983 paper “The alienation of the individual from society: A social-psychological theory and cross-cultural comparison.”

The masks are the biggest factor in this current alienation. Being around strangers with masks on is actually more alienating than being at home alone. Masks are the element of this program that is least likely to ever be removed. Social distancing might be relaxed (Lord Fauci has already, out of nowhere, said that new studies show that the safe distance is actually three feet instead of six feet). Lockdowns will be mostly done away with when they finish finishing off small businesses (although they will maintain the right to lockdown at any time, and will probably maintain curfews, at least on and off). The biggest thing that is never going away, ever, is the masks.

In February, I wrote a big thing (which you should read) when Anthony Fauci said that nothing can really “go back to normal” until everyone on earth is vaccinated. The estimate for when that will happen is 2025. Of course, they’re now saying that the vaccines have to be continually updated and that they don’t really work very well anyway, and that even if you’re vaccinated all of the measures have to remain in place.

I Do Legitimately Hate to Say I Told You So

I was attacked for saying this was all going to be permanent. But here it is. People get mad when I say “I told you so,” but there is a reason I say it: you need to realize that when I say things are going to happen, I generally know what the heck I’m talking about, and I say it for a reason. I speculate a lot these days, saying “maybe X will happen but maybe it will be Y,” but when I make definitive predictions on the overarching agenda of this society, these predictions are correct.

Go back a year ago, and you’ll find me saying the Virus Regime is permanent, and other right-wingers saying it is a real virus and we needed a temporary lockdown. Go back six months ago and you’ll find me saying the same, and other right-wingers saying it would end if Joe Biden got elected. Go out there now and there are right-wingers stumbling around, saying they don’t know why it’s not ending, and maybe they have painted themselves into a corner and are trying to use the vaccine as a way out of this. Of course, they didn’t “paint themselves into a corner.” From the beginning, it was meant to be permanent, in order to completely transform global society.

I have a clear understanding of the agenda here, which a lot of right-wingers do not have. I understand, from studying the entire world order, that there is an agenda to create a singular totalitarian world order, where a tiny elite minority, composed of Jews and other satanists, rules over a mass of global peasantry. What I have seen in studying the right is that many right-wingers are personally incapable of accepting the reality of the situation, and have developed cognitive dissonance to protect themselves from looking at things head-on.

Another example is China. Virtually the entire right-wing (I can’t really think of any exceptions) claimed that Joe Biden was aligned with China. Now, they’re fumbling all around, attempting to try to rationalize the fact that Joe Biden – exactly as I predicted – is massively escalating tensions with China, in every way imaginable, issuing nonstop threats, denouncements, and disavowals, engaging in menacing talks with Japan and other “Asian partners” about their willingness to go to war to save Taiwan, and moving troops and warships to the region.

I knew that a Joe Biden Administration would go very hard against China because I was studying the people around him, and reading their positions on China. In a 2020 meeting with the Hudson Institute I’ve cited many times, Antony Blinken, the current Secretary of State, said China was the number one threat and that he wanted to move troops out of the Middle East and into Asia. However, I didn’t need that confirmation to know what was going to happen, because I understand the overall agenda of the ruling elite that Joe Biden represents.

As a third example, many on the right were saying a Biden Administration wouldn’t allow Antifa-BLM riots. One ridiculous figure repeatedly claimed that “Biden would crush rioters with brutal violence.” However, I understood very well, and spent the last year saying, that this is going to continue to escalate into a bloodbath. As I write this now what I predicted is continuing to play out as the media hypes up another police shooting and Kamala Harris herself, using the @VP Twitter account, has already come out and incited the blacks toward further violence.

Saying “I told you so” is not about smugness. It matters that things I said that sounded insane at the time have happened, because I am continuing to say things that sound insane, and those things are also going to happen.

Understand me: I am not telling you “follow everything I say, I’m always right” – I’m describing to you the way that I have been able to be so right about so many things. If you understand this model of the future, and understand its implications, you too can be as right as I am about future developments without having to read this website. Every time I explain something that is going to happen, I try my very best to explain how I know that, in order to help you the reader understand the process.

This ability to accurately predict events is fundamentally indicative of living in reality. It is not lucky guessing and it is not prophecy. It is simply understanding the longer term goals, and then very easily determining how certain agendas fit into those goals.

Looking Forward

My number one important insane-sounding prediction is that all major cities in America are going to become unlivable, and when they do, it’s going to be too late to leave. We are going into a period of ultra-violence, of anarchy unleashed, which will exist alongside a high-tech police state. People will try to flee the cities, but the authorities will put in various measures to prevent them from doing that. The economic fallout alone will make it nonviable for most people to pack up and move.

You notice no one at the current violent black riots is wearing a mask, and that the same media which is pushing vaccine passports and condemning Texas and Florida for lifting mask rules is not commenting on the fact that they are not wearing masks. This proves that they have already formulated a system wherein lunatic criminality exists right alongside police state measures.

Therefore, my number one piece of advice is this: get out of these cities. Move somewhere with a commute, and just deal with the commute. Listen to podcasts or spend time in the car thinking. Commuting from outside a city is easy driving – you’re just on a highway/freeway. Adding two hours or so to your day might suck, but the difference in cost of living is so big that those two hours effectively become overtime pay.

Frankly, adding two hours to your day in the car might not suck. Personally, I like driving, and if you’re married, that’s two hours you get alone away from your wife. You get to come home later and go to bed earlier. I personally go driving just as a hobby on the weekends, quite regularly. Sometimes I put on some mood music, and sometimes I just drive in silence. I don’t think there is anywhere better for thinking than behind the wheel of a car, short of on a camping trip (which is not something you can do every day). Spending time alone thinking is something that is important for every man.

I wrote about all this recently: Private Companies Will Get to “Decide” on Vaccine Passport (Get Thee Out of Her!)

Regardless, your work is probably going to be gone pretty soon anyway. Then you will just be locked in your city, with a bunch of murderous blacks and cops that only respond when a white person defends himself against a black attacking him.

I warned of all of this all last year, extensively, and I don’t really feel like writing about it again. But I suppose I must. The basic setup is going to be a situation where blacks are just allowed to go totally buckwild. If they break into your house and you call the police, they will not come. However, if you shoot them after they’ve broken into your house in defense of your family, the police will come the next day and arrest you for racist murder.

We saw a preview of this with the couple charged in Missouri for simply holding guns when a mob stormed into their front yard.

That Missouri event showed the proof of concept: the blacks were in their yard, screaming  “I’m gonna keel u cracka,” and all the whites did was hold their guns. None of the blacks who broke into their property were charged with trespassing, menacing, threatening, or anything else – but the whites were charged for legal guns.

During 2021: Antifa-BLM round two, the cops are going to pull back from policing blacks completely.

You also have the anti-gun lobby saying they specifically want to take guns away from white people, but have no interest in taking handguns from black people.

Tucker Carlson last week did a pretty amazing segment about how the Democrats are now openly saying they don’t care about blacks having handguns, and instead want to take rifles from white people.

I’m also telling you that the MMT money printing scheme is designed to fail, and the economy is going to completely fall out. The dollar is going to be replaced with a digital credit system where you will get a small sum of credits doled out by the government as “Universal Basic Income.” That may or may not be tied to your vaccine status, your political views, and so on.

This is me speculating, rather than being definitive in a prediction: I suspect that initially, the UBI will be for everyone (who is willing to accept the tracking app it will run on), and then they will slowly begin putting restrictions on it. But that will come after a collapse of the dollar, which will drive the wealth of most working and middle class people to zero. People who don’t have a house, car, gold bars, collectible watches, art (or maybe crypto?) will be driven to total zero.

There is also going to be some kind of world war with Russia and/or China, which is going to have serious domestic effects. I don’t know if it will be an all out real war or not. I suspect, right now, that this is the basic plan:

  • Pressure Russia to the point of internal collapse
  • Force a totally isolated China to the negotiating table

That may or may not work, it might get hotter than that, China might outsmart the West – no one really knows. I don’t claim to know that. It’s not something you can predict based on the metrics I described above. The only thing I can predict is that the Western ZOG establishment is not going to rest until Russia, China and Iran are brought to heel. The ideal scenario would be for the Western complex to collapse during this process, which would then allow for white Americans living outside of cities to form their own order, while people in the cities ate each other alive (or, more likely, ate each other after cooking them on gas-powered stoves).

Whether the system breaks against China, or defeats China and then breaks, it is going to break, and the White Christian Man will prevail. But it’s going to be a long, strange trip.

You all need to think this through.

This is all happening.

It’s hard to deal with psychologically and emotionally. But we are really in the middle of a total nightmare situation, and it is just going to keep getting worse for the foreseeable future. But some of you will live to see the other side of it, if you listen to me.

The primary reason I bother with this site at all is that I am attempting to help you, the reader, because I am trying to protect the race from annihilation. I’m giving you advice because I care about that objective.

You getting out of the big city is part of my agenda to prevent racial annihilation.

Beyond that obscene skyline of jagged rectangles lies a beautiful home for you and for the people you love.