This is What Conservatives Actually Believe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

I just want to let you know what normie Republicans are thinking about right now.

Just so you understand.

These people are still saying “Judeo-Christian Values” in the year 2020.

Bill Connor, a conservative and a vet (PBUH) – who is only like, my age, mid-thirties – writes for The Times and Democrat:

American exceptionalism was a term thought to be first coined by Alexis de Tocqueville in the 1830s but has remained constant throughout our nation’s history. The general consensus of the exceptional nature of America went beyond natural characteristics, like the size and bounty of the nation. It also went beyond the burgeoning population and wealth of resources. It went to the unique love of the American people for freedom, within the context of an accepted Judeo-Christian value system.

Flowing naturally from the generally Christian nature of Americans was the natural tendency of people to put faith in God and each other first, not government. This resulted in the clear preference for a capitalist, free economic system and constitutionally restrained government.

America grew quickly and around the time of its centennial in 1876 was noted as having the world’s largest gross domestic product. After World War II, America became one of the two largest military powers, and by the end of the Cold War was the sole military superpower. However, judging American exceptionalism solely in terms of economics or even military power is often misplaced. The power of America flowed from the values of her people, including limited government, capitalism and faith in God.

Within the new Democratic Party, we now see a distinctly different world view and vision for America. Instead of the traditional inclination toward faith and freedom, economically and socially, the current crop of Democratic candidates offers arguably the opposite vision.

As Kevin D. Williamson describes the Democratic candidates: “The proper context in which to understand what it is that Sen. Sanders et al. stand for. They may, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, roll out 55 five-point policy proposals per hour, offering them with varying degrees of seriousness, but theirs is fundamentally a negative platform. What they hate and wish to liquidate is the system of markets, trade, law, regulation and taxes that we call, for lack of a better term, “capitalism,” and their reasons are as much tribal (they resent the social status conferred by wealth as least as much as the political power attending it), moral and aesthetic as they are economic. But their policy proposals are almost always the same: ‘Pillage the rich and create a lot of new public-sector jobs for me and my friends.’ And that much has remained constant whether they call themselves liberals, progressives or socialists.”

I would only add that with the inclination to centralize power and limit individual freedom comes the corresponding de-emphasis of Christianity.

Americans are now at a crossroad with the upcoming election. Do we continue as a nation of people holding freedom, economically and socially, within a Christian value system first? Or do we now put our primary faith in expanded and overpowering government, operating within a socialist structure? In other words, do we continue to be that exceptional nation described by de Tocqueville, or do we give it up forever?

This is a small newspaper in South Carolina, that has virtually no web presence. This writer is not a shill. He literally believes this, and wants to promote it on purpose.

Bill Connor

He believes that the threat to America is socialism. And it’s something we all need to be really concerned about.

I actually agree with him that the decline of America is linked to a decline of Christianity, but that isn’t even the point he’s trying to make, he just attaches that on there sloppily because he’s dumb.

Because here’s the thing: we do not have a limited government. We have the biggest government that has ever existed in all of human history. You are not going to fix the problems in that country by pretending the government doesn’t exist, or arguing that the government should not be involved in our lives. It just simply is not going to happen.

And all you do by pressing that position is create a situation where you are out of the game – you are saying “I don’t want to use the government to accomplish my purposes” while the other side is using the government to accomplish all of their purposes.

As I said on Sunday when commenting about the Chinese view of the government as an extension of society: these conservatives allowed homosexuality to be forced on all of us because they said it wasn’t the government’s job to regulate homosexuality. So now we have the government forcing homosexuality on children.

At some point, you have to look at the results of what these conservatives have done. They are not good results. In fact, none of what they were fighting for happened, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of people supported it.

  • Race-mixing
  • Prayer in school
  • Feminism
  • Abortion
  • Homosexuality
  • Mass immigration
  • “Gay marriage”
  • Child trannies

They have lost on literally every single issue.

DESPITE the fact that they were in the majority, by a huge margin. These losses are simply staggering.

The reason they lost is because they have “values and principles,” and those values and principles are stupid. The number one problem is viewing the government as outside of society, and agreeing to let liberals use the government to do whatever they want while we – as some sort of gesture of true belief in true values – refuse to use the power of government to push our agenda.

Even if you actually believe in “the values of small government” – I don’t believe it and honestly I don’t even understand what the point of it is – this idea of “losing with honor” on the civilizational scale is evil. It is decadent and selfish to give away your children’s future because of abstract philosophical principles that do not affect real life.

Donald Trump had a different agenda in 2016, which was actually a solid and stable agenda dealing with real issues relating to mass immigration and war, instead of abstract philosophy.

Oh yeah – war. Conservatives sure are comfortable using trillions of government dollars to go kill people on the other side of the planet in the name of the Jews, aren’t they? So these weird philosophical principles aren’t even real.

But they are now once again rearing their head as the primary focus of the right wing in America, as Donald Trump goes full retard attacking shit that no one cares about.

For any of you reading this who identify as conservatives: I do not support “socialism.” But this is hardly the main threat this country is facing. We need to focus on real issues, and if Donald Trump isn’t going to focus on those issues, then we need to make it known to him that we don’t agree with his decision to turn everything into a dumb argument about philosophical economics.