This is What a Woman Should Actually Look Like

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2017

Many men are sick perverts who are into fat women or anorexic women.

Fat slob

Anorexic bone-bitch

This is what a real woman’s body should look like:

We call that “athletic” AKA “healthful.”

Not fat not skinny but mighty healthy.

We need our women strong.

Just joking lol.

That muscle bitch is obviously on testosterone or something and is just as disgusting as the fatties or the bone-skanks.

I do have the ideal woman for you, however. And I do not mean ideal as in perfect, but ideal as in ideal median average. That is to say, what, if our society is healthy, a normal woman would look like (except the tattoos).

I found her on Instagram.

Firstly, she has a highly below average face.

And yet, despite the lack of any natural symmetric beauty, she has a type of glow to her – because she is fit.

This, my perverted friends, is what a woman’s body should actually look like.

You will notice that because of her healthfulness, even her ugly face is given a type of glow.

Women are Even Lazier Than They are Stupid

We talk a lot on this website about how women are stupid, and I think most readers are savvy enough to grasp that all women combined have the intelligence of brain-damaged poodle. However, even before a woman is stupid, she is lazy.

A skelator like Faith Goldy is no more lazy than a gooey blob like Lauren Southern – Goldy just has the self-control not to ram microwave pizzas into her dick-holster all day. Also, she is more likely to have been sexually abused as a child, which is what often causes chronic bone-bitchism.

Skelator and Jabba the Hutt have teamed-up against white men!


Child sexual abuse is largely a pay gap-tier hoax manufactured by the feminist hoax machine.

In real life, among white people, it happens almost exclusively in the context of Pizzagate-type rings of high-level perverts. Most women who claim to have been sexually abused are lying, and if a woman tells you she was you should assume she is lying. A woman’s entire existence is based on lying to men and presenting themselves as victims so they can suck a man’s resources from him.

This is evolutionary biology – in nature, a woman was not able to acquire her own resources. In fact, if it wasn’t for affirmative action, a woman wouldn’t be able to acquire her own resources now, except through prostitution/stripping/slutty secretaryism. As such, women need to make up a compelling fantasy narrative about how they are a victim and so you should give them free money. Generally, “I was sexually abused as a child” is part of that narrative to sexually exploit men by pushing their biological buttons to get them to dump out their wallets.

Basically, “I was sexually abused” is the same thing as “my boyfriend beats me” in most situations.

Also, Jewish psychologists have an obsession with convincing women that they were sexually abused as children and that they blocked it out. It is a huge Jewish hoax to sell Prozac and just destroy the family generally. More needs to be written on this. In fact, very little is written on it and there isn’t much data, but we do know for a fact that this is happening.

However, all of this having been said, real anorexia usually actually is the result of child sexual abuse.

Other Instagram Thot

Here is another thot from Insta who has successfully transformed herself and made up for her naturally ugly face with a fit body.

This is Science

What I tell you here is simply a matter of biological science.

If you say “oh well I like girls with a little more meat on them,” then you are a plain pervert with the mind of a nigger.

Women should be T-H-I-C-C and firm.

Not gooey or boney.