This is the Spicy Death Taco Challenge

No joke, I opened a Yahoo! News tab about this skank getting what she had coming and this is what it showed.

What I was thinking was: remember when these people threw a fit over the fact that ads were being shown on “racist” YouTube videos?

Well, what about when an autoplay video advertises taco death on a story of a dead slut?

Even I was offended by this.

Of course, the whole “companies are responsible for where their ads show up” was never a real argument.

Anyway, Wayne should have raped the bitch then killed her with spicy death tacos.

Wayne is white, so this is the most important story ever in all of history. This is not even an American story, but it’s flooded through the American media, just because “we finally found a white guy who did something violent.” I’m with Stephen King that every black murder should be as widely reported as every white murder.

In other “evil white male” news, they found the body of a missing white man while looking for clues around where Gabby Petito’s body was found.

The media and government admit that the only reason they found him is that they were looking for the precious princess.

It’s not clear how close his body was to hers, but I mean, this does suggest that someone other than her boyfriend might have killed Gabby.

It’s quite possible that her boyfriend left her in the forest – alive – because he just couldn’t take her shit anymore, then she was killed by someone else. If this other guy was killed in a similar way or whatever, it will go a long way to clearing the boyfriend.

Let me tell you: if it turns out blacks did it, the story will just totally disappear forever.

Right now, they’re giving the cunt the Saint George treatment.

I wish that Brian Laundrie’s trial could become the reverse OJ Simpson trial where pro-white lawyers put together a conspiracy theory that he was framed by anti-white cops. Then he could be acquitted and white men could dance in the streets like the blacks did when OJ was acquitted.

But in all seriousness guys, I’m really just joking. Killing women isn’t funny. Bodies with vaginas are people, and they deserve to be respected and not simply killed. Our Aryan Princesses are the mothers of our Aryan race and we must protect them and not just gut them like pigs. We must respect women, and if you think killing women is funny, you’re really just an ugly loser incel that can’t get laid. Killing women is really serious and if you laugh at that you really must have a small penis and just be angry you never get pussy.