“This is Terrorism” – Colored Female Chimps Out on Man for Airdropping Cartoon Frog at the Airport

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017

My God. A racist frog attack while she be usin’ her bluetoofuses (or is it blue gums?). Oh no you di’int.

We live in clown world – a world where people are admonished for exhibiting natural behavior and praised for being as degenerate as they can possibly be. In the world we live in, rappers who make songs about murdering white people can give us lectures on racial sensitivity. This world tells us that Europeans have no culture and nothing to be proud of, but tells us that AIDS-riddled faggots should have all the pride in the world.

The only thing these sodomites managed to achieve is somehow being HIV positive and morbidly obese at the same time. Where’s Kadyrov when you need him?

Similarly, words like “courage,” “hero” and “victim” have either been completely inverted or lost their meaning entirely. The following news story will make use of all of these now-worthless terms.

Daily Mail:

If you thought memes were harmless, think again. After being sent a racist meme, one woman tracked down the alleged perpetrator and did all in her power to expose him.

Renee Bracey Sherman, 31, a reproductive rights activist, said she was awaiting a delayed flight in Washington, D.C. when she received an unusual notification on her laptop: a stranger named Jacob was attempting to share an image of Pepe the Frog with her via AirDrop, Apple’s Bluetooth connectivity system.

I’m not sure if “disturbing” refers to receiving a pic of a cartoon frog or the genetic cesspool that produced such an unsightly frizzle-haired monster.

And as black women (or whatever this thing is) are wont to do, Sherman handled the situation completely gracefully with finesse, live-tweeting her brave journey for vengeance against the oppressive cartoon sender-outer.

Wow, so unexpected. Clearly the response of an adult that should be taken seriously and not the idiotic temper-tantrum of a pampered primate

Immediately, her series of posts was met with both extreme support and harsh criticism. Many voiced support for Bracey Sherman and applauded both her courage for confronting him and speaking about doing so publicly.

‘This is the most savage thing I have seen on twitter in a while and I want to take you out for a drink in DC just to congratulate you,’ said one woman. Another man thanked Bracey Sherman for ‘ripping him a new one,’ and added that ‘Nazis suck.’

Courage in the current year.

Yeah these guys were kinda brave I guess, but try getting a mean cartoon sent to you. That’ll give you some real PTSD.

So why is this even a news story? And why is the Daily Mail covering it with sympathy for this grotesque woman?

Just take a look at the slut that wrote this garbage, Katie Fustich:

Good thing you traded in an apron for the thousand-cock stare, a septum piercing and a pair of shitty hipster glasses. Liberation sure is fulfilling ain’t it?

Of course this bizarre life form which resembles a hollowed-out, HPV-farm of a woman would write a column heaping praise on some other stupid broad that thinks having public meltdowns over cartoons is an act of courage. And the more you look at this sideshow attraction, it’s no surprise she’s involved in “reproductive justice,” a Jewspeak term for the butchering of unborn babies.

You’d think someone who goes through that disgusting process would at the very least view it as an unfortunate medical procedure, but to celebrate it? Hell is too good for this sick bitch.

The fact that I know who either of these two skanks are is a sign of how far our society has fallen. Instead of this genetic mistake being a stain on a mattress and this supposed journalist being in a kitchen somewhere cooling off a pie, they’ve been let loose to terrorize the earth thanks to widespread rationalized sexual misbehavior. Pandora’s box has been opened. And there’s only one thing that can close it again…