This is Real: I’m Not Joking About Endorsing Jeremy Corbyn

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2017

Apparently some people think I’m engaged in some kind of childish prank in telling Brits to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m not.

I am actually, literally endorsing him, and encouraging all of my readers to go tick the box and get everyone they know to do the same.

I should have started meming this earlier, but it didn’t really look like there was much of a chance. Now there is a chance. A recent poll had Theresa only one point ahead.

Let’s just go point by point here.

“Always Vote Tory Because They’re Harder on Immigration”

The main argument against voting Corbyn is that Tory is harder on immigration.

This is just factually inaccurate.

Cameron allowed the highest numbers of immigrants per year ever in the history of Britain. At least since the Norman invasion.

There are graphs.

Theresa is the female Cameron – no one even argues that point – and she is not going to do anything different with immigration than Corbyn would do.

So this – the main argument against Corbyn – is based on nothing.

Also, for the record – though I don’t think many people care about this – Cameron was less fiscally responsible than Tony and Gordon.

And you can say “oh well, this is all just the general trend of globalism, and it would have been even worse under Labour – but that isn’t really an argument.

“Vote UKIP in Protest”

Yes, vote UKIP in protest, because what we need right now is a Brexit. A protest vote for UKIP will show the establishment that we want a referendum on EU membership.

Speaking of Brexit

Theresa May was the rabid henchman of Cameron in opposing Brexit.

Corbyn, on the other hand, only nominally said like “yeah, whatever.”

He was viciously attacked by bremoaners after the vote, and blamed for it, because he didn’t go out and campaign against Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has a better record on Brexit than Theresa May – that is a non-controversial fact of reality.

I think there is an actual, real life possibility – even a strong one – that Corbyn is hiding his power level and did support Brexit, personally. There is not really another potential explanation of why he didn’t campaign against it. People were literally begging him to, and he just didn’t.

Speaking of Power Levels

Look – Corbyn is definitely a multi-racialist, pro-faggot leftist. But he is also an old school type leftist and thus ANTI-GLOBALISM.

And sorry to break the rough news – but a multi-racialist, pro-faggot leftist against globalism is better than a multi-racialist, pro-faggot “Tory” for globalism.

Just look at this on the geo-political scale here.

Theresa is:

  • Anti-Russia
  • Pro-Israel
  • Pro-Saudi
  • Pro-international free trade
  • Pro-EU
  • Female

Jeremy is:

  • Not even concerned about Russia, would probably just be cool with Putin
  • Anti-Israel
  • Anti-Saudi
  • Anti-international free trade
  • At least less pro-EU than Theresa
  • Male

Honestly, if you look at this from just a basic cost-benefit analysis, I don’t even understand how we are having this discussion.

Seriously Anti-Jew

The Jews have been freaking out about this guy forever.

They really, really hate him.

He is genuinely against Israel. He is seriously against this whole Jewish-run Sunni Islamist terrorist agenda in the Middle East.

And okay, you can say he won’t have any power to do anything, and will be forced to go along with the Jews – okay, I agree, but the fact that he is against it means it’s going to be lot more difficult for them.

You’re not going to see him out there aggressively supporting all this like Theresa is.

No way in hell is this guy going to be traveling to Saudi Arabia to talk about how “we have to support ISIS.”

That simply isn’t a possible thing that is going to happen.

And yes – again – probably he will be strong-armed into doing some (or even most) of the same things geopolitically, but being strong-armed into it is a lot better than doing it aggressively and enthusiastically.

He is Possibly Nuts

There is a very real chance Corbyn is actually, literally nuts.

Meaning who even knows what the hell he’ll do?

No one. That’s who.

And that is very good for us.

We know exactly what Theresa is going to do, and none of it is good. We have no idea what Jeremy is going to do. And neither does anyone else.

No Argument

There is simply no argument for May over Corbyn that makes any sense, whatsoever.

You cannot say “May is a better choice than Corbyn, because…” and have the sentence make sense.

Go vote.

Get your friends to vote.



Here’s the “Doom Corbyn” blank.