This is Minnesota: Somali Rapes Child

Modern Heretic
October 16, 2015

We let it in.

We need a lot more of the worst available African negroes in White areas. If you don’t like being displaced and destroyed that’s “races.” Instead, you have a lot of work ahead of you, goyim.When the living fossil fails it’s your fault, after all. There wasn’t enough appeasement, insufficient “gibs,” failure to properly embrace self-annihilation.

There is no bottom floor, no critical mass where the sacrifices will be declared sufficient, only a campaign of genocide and the endless dark night that will follow. If you’re White and have even the slightest loyalty to this kosher apparatus you’re either insane, profiting from it (for now), retarded or some combination of these. They want us dead and they’re not even trying to conceal that desire any more.

The amazing diversity of Minnesota crime.


In the latest incident of America’s immigrant sex crime epidemic, Minnesota authorities charged Somali man Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two degrees of first-degree sexual misconduct for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl in her apartment.

Enriching diversity arrives to bring joy and sunshine into the bland lives of stiff and uncool Whites. Minnesota must have this if it’s going to survive, the jew wisely counsels. What’s an epidemic of child rape when you get the dubious benefits of sharing your living space with genetic, religious and cultural aliens? To save our state it was necessary to destroy it.

Somali witness reportedly heard blood-curdling screams from the hallway and found the victim undressed and crying. Shocked, they sought out two off-duty cops working security nearby.

An African animal turned loose in a dead nation so that careerist bastards and satanic jews could fill their pockets. Our enemies are beneath contempt, the flies on a pile of monkey shit are more respectable.

The victim told police Abdi followed her into the elevator and up to the third floor hallway. The stranger asked for the victim’s name and shook her hand. When she tried to let go, she says he held on to her, demanded she turn around and pull down her pants, and raped her.

If you think a Somalian is fully human you’re delusional.

Police and local media rushed to reassure indigenous Minnesotans that child rape is in not indicative of immigration policy failure and that capturing an imported child rapist is proof of its success.

Then the predictable end game. Not representative, one bad apple, plenty of children were being sexually attacked before this immigration insanity began, nothing to see here, watch your negroes on the talmudvision, drink your booze. Hey, have you considered doing narcotics? How about some pornography? How about slaving away to make some scumbag even wealthier on the careerism hamster wheel? Did you know that Islam is a religion of peace and Africa was really nice until White “imperialism” ruined it?

Please stop looking at that tiny body lying violated on the floor of some hallway, please stop asking questions. You won’t? You’re a “races.”

“The Somalian community who came across this girl in crisis stepped up and helped her,” Minneapolis Police Dept. spokesperson John Elder said. “They trusted the officers enough to get them, to bring them into this situation to provide aid.”

Way to go, not showing depraved indifference in the face of a horrific crime is truly proof of your good character. Here, let me introduce you to my daughters.

Somali community leader Mohamud Noor blamed Americans for not giving enough money to Abdi.

Living dog shit blames Whites for the sickening pathology of a failed branch of humanity. Why is this creature here?

One Somali community member raping another community member is not the fault of the Somali community, he explained.

“Races” Whites are, of course, at fault. Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A.

“You know it’s somebody who is mentally ill, and he has been seeking help and services and we feel that there’s a huge gap in mental health services, a huge unmet need,” he complained to KARE11.

The only “mental illness” here was the 60 I.Q. combined with typical moose-limb behavior. The only solution is their removal.