This is Fine: German Election Goes Very Well

I think Merkel and her people did really well, considering that everyone is now becoming a fascist because they don’t believe in science because of memes they saw on TikTok.

This election is yet more proof that we have to shut down voting in order to save democracy.

The core of democracy is about protecting people from viruses. Secondarily, it is about child trannies and Islam. If voting threatens these values, then we have to prevent voting.


The preliminary results of the German election show a victory for the Social Democrats, which edged out outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU union by little more than 1%. All eyes now turn to coalition talks.

After running neck and neck with the center-right CDU/CSU union, led by Merkel’s successor, Christian Democrat Armin Laschet, Olaf Scholz’s center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) pulled ahead, receiving 25.7% of the vote, Germany’s electoral management body reported on Monday morning.

The CDU/CSU secured 24.1% of the vote in a historic low for the union in a federal election. The Greens, on the other hand, gained ground from 2017, receiving 14.8% of the vote, while the anti-establishment Alternative for Germany (AfD) received 10.3%. A potential kingmaker in the race, the classical liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), ended up with 11.5%. The Left Party (Die Linke) was around 5% short of its previous results, with 4.9%.


The conservative wing of Angela Merkel’s center-right CDU/CSU union said the party’s leadership is responsible for the historic failure in Sunday’s parliamentary election in Germany.

“The board of directors and party leaders of the CDU and CDU must draw the conclusions from the election debacle in the federal elections on September 26, 2021 and resign immediately,” the party’s informal conservative wing, the Values Union, said in a statement.

The group argued that Armin Laschet, the CDU’s leader and candidate to replace Merkel as chancellor, and Markus Soeder, the head of the CDU’s sister party in Bavaria, the Christian Social Union (CSU), bear personal responsibility for the loss and must step down as well. The Values Union called for the new leadership of the CDU to be elected directly by all party members, rather than through a system of delegates.

The Values Union was formed in 2017, mostly by longtime members of the CDU and CSU, according to their website.

In Sunday’s vote, the CDU showed its worst result since the first democratic vote in the postwar era in 1949. The CDU/CSU bloc came in second with 24.1%, trailing behind their main rivals the Social Democrats (SPD), which received 25.7%. According to official projections, Merkel’s party lost 49 seats, while the SPD gained 53, becoming the biggest party in parliament.

The Values Union argued that the CDU took “a fatal turn to the left” during Merkel’s long tenure as chancellor. “For the first time in a long while, the [party] is clearly not the strongest force and has fallen to a second place.”

Sounds like these folks haven’t heard the new definitions of “right-wing.”

Now, it means “mass immigration, forced anal sex with men, and mass Islamic immigration.”

It also means “covering up gang-rapes and other crimes by all those Moslems you flooded the country with.”

It sounds to me like these “values” people don’t know anything about True Conservative Values, and are actually fascists.

And fascism is illegal in Germany, by decree of the US military, which occupies Germany with some 50,000 soldiers.

We cannot sacrifice democracy because of an illogical devotion to voting.

Hopefully, these new analists who have taken over will be as devoted to viruses and immigration as Merkel.

At least we got some trannies.

Yeah, but seriously though – this election doesn’t change anything and isn’t relevant to anything at all.

Merkel was already resigning, and the people replacing her might belong to a different party, but they are more alike than the Democrats are like the Republicans even.

(I don’t even know enough about the German electoral policies to know if the SPD is actually going to replace the CDU, but I do know enough to know it doesn’t matter. It’s all anal, immigration, war, and viruses.)

The German people do not, at present, have the will to fight against the destruction of their own nation, as they’ve been too beaten and brainwashed by Jews.

Here’s a tweet I just saw to remind you that Germany wasn’t always such a complete shithole.

Also, remember that the great Christian fighter by the name of Adolf Hitler was also a German.

We’re just in an especially dark period these days.

It will end.