This is Disgusting

Can you imagine this scene:

Those women, talking about economics, and interrupting each other to state their degrees?

Well imagine it, bastard: because this is real life and it happened here.

Watch this crap and just try to grasp the absolute mindlessness.

Then, as you’re trying to grasp why this exists – why you have four women on television spouting nonsense economic predictions – realize that this is the peak of the “women in the workplace” experiment.

The Equality Pay Act of 1970 was in 1970. That is fifty (50) years ago. All that these women have done is annoy men and create distractions for men trying to do things. They have accomplished absolutely nothing. The experiment has failed, entirely. It has failed worse than anything ever in all of history failed.

What’s more, not only have these women accomplished nothing at all, their stupid little “play dress up” women in the workplace game has completely destroyed society. The family basically does not exist anymore, and that is 100% due to the feminist agenda. There is no other factor.

How many children have not been born as a result of this project?

Children have a right to be born. I’m not just talking about abortions – I’m talking about all of the children that would have been born that were not ever even conceived because these women were using birth control, often having sex with complete strangers they met at bars. We are now flooding our home with strange people from the far reaches of the earth under the premise that white women are not having enough children.

Is there anyone, anywhere, who thinks that any of this is good?

Pushing forward with this agenda is insane. Okay, the theory was presented that we could try “equalizing” women. Well, now we know the results. Decisions about the direction of society should be made based on the outcome, not on some feel-good claptrap out of a Hollywood movie. Feminism was not advertised as a suicide pact. I don’t believe that the people, if they were given the facts and a choice, would choose this.

The problem is, we have a media in this country that has a stranglehold on society, and effectively makes people’s decisions for them through emotional programming, and that media is completely controlled by hostile Jews who hate Christians and want us to stop breeding.

That clip is from Fox News – the allegedly “conservative” network. And there you have them putting stupid women up as “economics experts” as they fumble around and try to figure out what’s going on, looking angry and afraid.

The churches are what has really failed America.

If in the 1970s, the churches simply would have told the people to marry their daughters off as soon as they finished high school to a Christian man, told them to produce as many children as possible, absolutely NONE of this nightmare would be happening.

If Christians were having ten kids, we would have an army and we could absolutely take over the democracy. If it was centrally controlled, we could choose the president and virtually all the congressmen. We could move our people into Democrat areas and outvote them and gain total control.

There would be no argument for immigrants and it wouldn’t matter anyway because we would control the political system. Homosexuality would still be illegal.

And the people would be HAPPY.

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But that isn’t what happened. Instead, the churches went along with the Jews and their agenda, they preached “prosperity gospel,” which is evil and a blasphemy. They supported the idea of Christian men sending their daughters to college to get rammed through by God only knows how many men, to go be pawns in this stupid system where they pretend to be economists and look angry and afraid all the time.

Imagine that up until recently, Christians were still preaching “no sex before marriage.” Some of them might still be preaching that. So, they expect people to wait until they’re in their mid-thirties to have sex? Does that make sense to anyone? Imagine it!

What was the point of Christians endorsing all of this stuff? Well, apparently, they just didn’t care. They took the Jewish money from Israel, promoted an Antichrist Jewish Zionist agenda, and they just went along with everything in society. They even did things like “The Christian Version of Rock Music.”

Seriously, this was a thing when I was a kid – the Christian version of Linkin Park:

Instead of rapping about mental illness, they’re rapping about how Jesus saves. You’d have to be mentally ill to think that made sense.

I’m surprised by now they haven’t come out with “Christian porno.”

Christians should have promoted mass breeding, they should have promoted their own culture, gospel and country music. We could have built our own entertainment complex by now, making movies based on Greek epics, Shakespeare, Medieval Heroics and so on.

America could still be dominating the planet and using that power for GOOD.

We could force McDonald’s to make healthy products for kids.

Instead, McDonald’s is making everyone obese and promoting man-on-man anal sex to kids.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t have these stupid black hoaxes. We would have order in our society, as our numbers would be so much greater than the blacks or anyone else, we would control everything and make the decisions about everything.

We wouldn’t have the coronavirus hoax either, because we wouldn’t have WOMEN making decisions. We would have intelligent men of high moral Christian character in charge of the sciences, and those men never would have promoted this stupid hoax like the perverted gay-lover Anthony Fauci and all these women.

Everything in our entire society is an unmitigated disaster, and it all goes back to women’s liberation, and the effects of that go back to the failure of the church to defend the family and oppose equalizing women.

That is the story of our demise.

I just summed it up.