“This is Actually Happening”: Elon Musk Tweets Ben Garrison Cartoon Showing Bill Gates’ 666 Plot



Bullying works. 

Talk about dialing things up a notch…

Business Insider:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk used an anti-vaccine political cartoon to take a swipe at Bill Gates and the Microsoft Zune.

Musk tweeted an edited cartoon, originally created by conservative artist Ben Garrison, depicting an illustrated version of the Microsoft cofounder.

Musk deleted the tweet about two hours later, after it had been shared more than 5,000 times.

The original cartoon carried the title “The Plannedemic.” It appeared to show Gates leaning over a step-by-step plan for instilling fear via a pandemic and eventually launching a “Mandatory Vaccine Rollout.”

In an edited version shared by Musk, the vaccine rollout had been moved forward on the list, and a new final step had been added: “Zune Relaunch.”

“Soon u will feel strange desire for Zune …” Musk wrote just after midnight on the West Coast. In a follow-up Tweet, which was also deleted, he said, “This is actually happening.”

Microsoft is behind the creation of the “passport” technology.

This is the original cartoon:

Note that Elon Musk didn’t remove the “666” part.

I assume we’re now all on-board with the old neo-Reactionary meme of making Elon Musk the philosopher king of America, no?