This is a Cult: Americans Breaking Off Friendships with the Unvaxed

It’s not even an exaggeration at all to say that belief in the coronavirus, and belief in the media in general, is a cult.

These people do everything that a cult does.


Many Americans have been jettisoning friends from their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, and for those who have chosen to get vaccinated, views on the jabs are often the relationship-breaker, a new poll has shown.

The survey, conducted earlier this month by researcher OnePoll, showed that 16% of respondents have ended at least three friendships in the past year and a half. About 14% of vaccinated Americans said they have severed relationships with friends who chose not to get inoculated against the virus.

In fact, vaccinated respondents were nearly four times as likely as those who don’t intend to get the jabs – 66% to 17% – to have ended friendships during the pandemic. The poll showed that 97% of vaccinated people consider their former friends to be “full-blown anti-vaxxers” and said they could never get them to understand the importance of getting the shots.

Covid-19 vaccination is one of the most divisive issues driving a wedge between Americans. The 14% who cited the jabs as the reason for ending friendships compared with 16% who blamed political differences and 15% whose former pal was dating an ex-mate. Other reasons included discovering their friends were liars (7%) and having a friend make up stories about them (12%).

You have to understand: if you have friends or family members that are vaxed, they are going to turn on you.

There is zero chance that they will not eventually turn on you.

Don’t abuse them. Don’t tell them you hate them because they’re vaxed.

Just slowly extract yourself from the relationship.

There is literally no other choice.