This IRS Spying Thing is Just Nuts

Saying “the IRS will spy on transactions over $600” is like saying “toddlers are trannies now.”

This is a way to confuse and dazzle you into accepting an extreme social change.

When someone hears “the IRS will investigate every time someone makes a $600 transaction,” they are opening you up to all kinds of new oppression, if they can get you to accept it.

And of course – everyone is going to accept it.

The Week:

To help pay for Democratic spending priorities and cut down on unpaid taxes, the Biden administration is proposing to empower the Internal Revenue Service to collect information from banks about accounts “with total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $600,” according to The New York Times. The proposal has already begun to inspire criticism among banks and their customers — and for good reason.

Banks already report information to the IRS about cash deposits of $10,000 and higher — and that sometimes results in hassles (audits, investigations, and even civil asset forfeiture) for individuals and small business owners. But what the Biden administration is proposing now is far more onerous. It would drop the threshold for scrutiny of deposits all the way down to $600 and include all withdrawals above that level as well.

It’s hard to imagine the IRS effectively processing the tsunami of data this rule would require banks to send their way. But it’s even harder to believe banking customers will be content to go along. As the Times reports, a backlash has already begun, and it’s bound to get worse. This is a country with very low trust in government — so low that persuading people to take advantage of life-saving vaccines promoted by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration has been a challenge. Now the IRS will be closely monitoring every bank account in the country with a modest level of annual activity to determine if an audit or investigation is in order?


Of course they will.

And of course, no one will push back against it.

How would they even go about pushing back against it, if they wanted to?

Does this regime have a complaints department?

You do not have a choice but to accept whatever they do to you.

There is literally no other option, short of shooting at cops or whatever.

I’m against shooting at the cops, and I’m 100% sure nothing will change if you do that, so you pretty much just have to accept that these people can do literally whatever they want and then just try to stay out of their way.