This Entire Trump Post-Election Press Conference was Glorious

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018

This press conference was better than a rally. It’s worth watching in full, or at least putting on in the background while you’re at the gym.

The Jim Acosta scene was the highlight, but the whole thing was highlights.

The key takeaway here is that Trump is not even a little bit worried. He actually seems to be glad that the Democrats took the House.

CNN sure as hell is worried that he isn’t worried. They wrote up a bizarre Buzzfeed-style piece about the event.


CNN should make it’s official slogan “Wow Just Wow.” Because that is their entire coverage of Trump or really anything else.

There is so much wow just wowing that it has me wow just wowing at their wow just wowing.


We’ll just check a few of these 64.

Why is every news website Buzzfeed now?

Isn’t Buzzfeed already filling the Buzzfeed niche?

New York Times and CNN are both now Buzzfeed Jr.

But man – those are so great quotes.

And CNN just can’t take it – they expected him to be broken, instead he’s excited, and the derangement increases.

They effectively lost. It was virtually impossible for Trump to retain the House – no one ever does that. But they just barely managed to get it. And they are having a hard time celebrating what they know wasn’t a real win. So they’re publishing Buzzfeed gibberish and going out in the streets threatening to kill Tucker Carlson and his family.