This Eerie Calm

No one is rioting. Except Portland, which always riots.

The media is not really producing much news about the election. It’s shockingly little. They are also not gloating or making much noise of any kind. They’re barely even pushing back against President Trump’s claim of victory.

It is an eerie calm.

Hell is coming.

All of these things we discussed.

There is a wolf at the door.

Something is going on where the full scope of what is going on isn’t sinking in.

It seems that this process is yet another thing that has been run through a social simulation. They came up with the series of events that would make Trump supporters the least likely to get out in the streets.

You tell them that there is still a chance, while at the same time, acclimating them to the idea that Trump has lost.

This situation will stretch on through the court process: no one knows for sure, so they don’t actually start up the rabble rabble.

All the options have not been exhausted.

People still have hope.

Then, when it is finally official rabble rabble time, no one has the energy to get into the street, because the process has slowly drained them of life.

There is virtually nothing a court can say about what has happened so far. We know this theft happened, we all sat here and watched it, but you can’t do anything in a court. Or rather, they won’t do anything. They will claim there is no way to establish evidence.

The only solution left for Trump is to seize control through executive action: martial law.

The likelihood of him doing that is low, but it would be higher if people were in the street already.

This situation is not good.

I don’t believe in giving up hope.

We should watch the courts. We should watch the streets. We should watch Trump himself. There may be an opening.

I do have a hard time believing that after talking about this for all those months, Trump didn’t have a plan on how to deal with it, and we’re going to see that plan.

Possibly, the plan was the Supreme Court. Given how angry he was about the court’s ruling on Pennsylvania, that seems to be a good possibility.

The people might flood the streets and start shutting down cities. We’ve seen some good indicators on that front.

He might do martial law.

But we can’t get too pumped up about that, at the same time as we should be hopeful. If we get too pumped up, it is just going to create a more bitter letdown in the end (which again, appears to be the goal). We need to understand that the chances are not fantastic.

We need to understand that this is a very, very big plan, that we are all the way at the bottom of.

As we hope for the best, we need to prepare ourselves, emotionally and spiritually, to accept the worst.

Most importantly, we need to understand that if Trump is removed from office, we will deal with that situation.

We will go on, we will fight on.

There is one thing that all of you need to remember, above all else, and to tell yourself if things get dark:

Whatever happens, we will abide, because God wills it.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed with negativity.

This is not the end for the White Man, it is not the end of the American people.

Whatever happens is going to happen, we will fight and we will overcome.

The worse they do to us, the worse our revenge is going to be.

For God has said:

Remember that.

Remember that, as bad as things might get: God has promised us revenge.

He has ordered us to do unto them double what they have done to us.

We will have that revenge, and it will be disgusting.

Enjoy the calm while it lasts. Pray and prepare yourself.

Try to relax, try to feel good, try to have fun if you get the chance.