This Economy Can Only Crash Now (No Survivors)

Just so you understand, there is no possible way to fix this current economic situation. I think you really need to internalize that fact, and understand it. This is one of the single most important facts you can understand.

From what I’ve witnessed, just as a general matter, people do not seem to be registering what is happening. Even on the right or the far-right, I still see people engaged in what looks to me to be very deranged rationalization. People are still saying that the virus hoax is going to end soon. I see people saying it on websites, videos, podcasts. These people are saying that the elite “want people to work and consume.” They don’t really explain why, in any sort of detail, they appear to just have reached a conclusion about the way the system operates, and they are sticking to it, regardless of what new information they receive.

The new information is that no, they don’t care if you work and consume. They care that you submit. That is the total goal of this current order: to force you to submit. That is the only thing that we see happening. No one seems to be all that concerned that people “work and consume.” Claiming that you have some theory about how the elite think and what they want and that this theory overrides what is happening in front of our eyes makes you at least delusional and possibly totally unhinged. If the theory doesn’t line up with reality, you have to change the theory because trust me: you’re not going to change reality.

I was bullied and mocked by “internet right wing” weirdos and neo-Nazi freakjobs for an entire year. Some of them were literally saying the virus was deadly and we have to submit to the government to be protected. They were saying it was good, and only the stock market would be affected by an economic collapse (???) – I said the reverse was true, that normal people would be affected and it would actually be good for the stock market. Others were saying that the government had overreacted, and that we would soon be going back to normal. Even Tucker Carlson was saying the virus was real, and tying it into his weird anti-Chinese agenda.

All of those people were wrong. I was right.

I tell you that often, that I was right, but I don’t do it to be some kind of big man, to pump myself up. I say it so you will understand that I’m not just making this stuff up, or guessing, or even theorizing. I have a clear understanding of the long-term agenda that is at work, and apparently I’m very brave to confront the obvious, as most people prefer to embrace delusions rather than accept the fact that everything is changing rapidly and drastically. Because I understand what is going on, I have been right in my predictions, and I will continue to be right.

Probably part of the reason the overlords are not especially concerned about “work and consume” is that the economy has already crashed, and it is now simply being upheld by money printing, which cannot possibly go on forever.

The plan, as I understand it (I understand it very well), is to allow the money printing to go completely out of control, which will result in drastically rising prices. As a solution, they will then introduce a “central bank digital currency” (CBDC), which is a government money token. It will be sort of like the current order of cryptocurrencies, except that it will be totally centrally controlled by the government.

You’re going to start hearing this CBDC term thrown around more and more as we head towards the next phase of this agenda.


  • The government is going to keep putting out these lunatic money printing bills, like the “infrastructure” bill that is currently on the docket
  • Over time (who knows specifically how long, but not too long), the prices will rise and rise, because the money is being totally devalued
  • The government will start running a program for CBDCs, probably starting with people who receive government assistance getting their welfare through this system
  • The CBDC will be used on an app on your phone, similar to the apps that banks are already running
  • The media will start talking about how it is a solution to rising prices, and businesses will then be forced onto it
  • In order to be on the CBDC system, you will need some kind of digital ID, which will presumably be tied to your vaccine passport
  • The government will then have total control over the money system
  • They will be able to tax you however they want to tax you, specifically based on how they want to manipulate you
  • They can start setting up rules like “you can only eat meat once a week” – they can literally make it so that after you’ve bought meat once this week, you cannot buy it again until next week (it will just give you an error on your app)
  • You’re in a complete technetronic control grid

Maybe you are too psychologically weak, too stupid, or too old to accept that this is happening, but it is still happening regardless if you accept it or not. There is no amount of denial that will stop this from happening. It is simply the reality that we are dealing with.

This is all part of a plan that existed long before you ever heard the term “coronavirus.” The coronavirus hoax was designed to bring in a New World Order system. Part of that was about completely stripping you of all of your normal rights and freedoms, but the biggest part was about restructuring the economy.

The restructuring of the economy onto this CBDC system will do all of the police state functions automatically, and largely reduce the need for this brutal Darth Vader type stuff they’re doing now. For example, if they want to do lockdowns in the future, they can simply make it so that you cannot make purchases with your app in stores – you can only spend from inside of your home. They can stop you from buying gasoline, unless you get a special permit to travel. That way, they don’t have to have police filling the streets, beating people who try to violate Virus Law.

And yes, Virus Law is eternal.

Slowly, we are going to start moving into global warming as the rationale for all of these bizarre social restrictions. But this constant virus hoax will remain indefinitely, alongside that. The media/government are now already starting to explain to the slaves that the coronavirus is never going away, so they can pull this out and use it whenever they want to use it. For example, if people are trying to revolt against the system, they can announce a new variant on the loose, and then lock you in your house by preventing you from spending your credits outside of the house.

Of course, there probably won’t be a revolt, because whatever is in these vaccines is going to prevent that. I do not know what these vaccines are doing, but clearly they are doing something. I think they will likely reduce the will of the population, or otherwise weaken their cognitive and spiritual abilities.

I also expect the masks thing to stay indefinitely, given that it is so dehumanizing, and keeps people isolated and alienated from other people. There is really no downside to the overlords in requiring you to wear masks, or at least encouraging the feeble to wear them and enforce them on others. Along with crippling basic social interaction, is a physical sign that the ruling elite control your body, and have a right to muzzle you if they wish.

The only “good news” I can give you is that this system they are bringing in is so weird, manic, and wacky, and so completely based on stupid, obvious lies, that it cannot possibly be sustained long-term. It will not last forever, and it might not even last very long at all.

You are probably going to lose everything you have materially before this is over. I would get used to that, and come to terms with it.

Right now, the only thing that any of you people should be concerned with is survival. That’s all.

Stay away from the needle and just stay alive.

James Delingpole recently interviewed someone named Dan Tubb. I’d never heard of this guy before, but he has come to the same conclusions about the current economic order that I have. The podcast is very good, if you want to hear someone else explaining what I just explained from a completely different angle.