This College Kid Got ABSOLUTELY SMITED For Liking White People

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

I defy you to find something factually incorrect about what this kid said.

White people are awesome. Liking – no, loving White people is the natural state of any White person.

That’s all the kid said: “White people made the modern world, I love White people. I don’t hate myself.”

The swarming began almost instantly. 

And within moments, the Jew journalist on the cyber beat quickly showed up on the scene.

It really is every. single. time. Like wow.

These kikes are on White people patrol 24/7, just looking for innocent White lives to destroy by bringing the power of the media to bear on their lives.

To see it play out so nakedly in front of you, in real time… it is breathtaking, even to a veteran counter-Semite such as myself.


Another she-kike sleuth quickly took over from there and doxed the kid.

She says someone else found the kid… but I’m not seeing anyone else take credit for it in the thread so I think that honor goes to her.

And boy, does she fit the profile.

Now the official narrative here is that this group of blacks and browns were minding their own business when this White kid came out and started accosting them, bellowing at the top of his lungs that he loves his own race.

Curious, isn’t it. 

If he was hostile and the aggressor, wouldn’t he be shouting about how terrible other races are and not simply affirming that he didn’t hate his own race? Because to me, judge, those seem to be the words of a man on the defensive, trying to justify himself in front of a group of hostile and belligerent Morlocks.

Furthermore, what exactly is so offensive about saying that White people are great?

Rhetorical, I know. 

“I’m proud of being a nigga said the nigger. I’m proud of being Chinese said the Chinese man. I’m proud of being white said the racist.” 

It’s obvious that this kid is about to have his entire life ruined in T-Minus 3… 2…

My flippant tone aside, I feel bad for this student. I really do. Those blacks probably started harassing him as he started making his way home and having a few swigs of truth serum in his system from the dorm party didn’t help.

He relaxed around blacks and let them know how he really felt. 

Now the Jew Journalists – who are really just an online doxing/harassment/hit squad – are going to crucify him. And there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

We can only observe the coordinated attack the way we would a nature documentary about predatory insects and marvel at the sophistication of the system that leftists have set up.

  • Step 1: A Diversity of Common Browns begin harassing a Great White
  • Step 2: The cornered Great White bares his fangs in defense
  • Step 3: Some members of the Diversity pull out their phones to film as the braver, bolder and more alpha members continue escalating the situation
  • Step 4: The trap is laid and the wounded, surrounded Great White lashes out – just as planned
  • Step 5: A Kvetch of Jews smells the blood from the thrashing of the wounded White from afar and swarms the scene
  • Step 6: Using a coordinated media harassment campaign, the Kvetch is able to destroy the life of the lone Great White
  • Step 7: Satisfied with the blood of a fresh kill, the Kvetch and the Diversity resume their respective places and wait for the next victim.

The New Circle of Life.