This Bitch CANNOT Dance. She Should Not Be Allowed to Hold Office.

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

Theresa likes to move it, move it.

Shame that she sucks so much at it.


British PM Theresa May was at it again during the Conservative Party’s annual conference, where she emerged on stage doing her signature “robot” groove to Abba’s Dancing Queen classic.

The PM’s dancing style has already been nicknamed the ‘Maybot’ due to her disastrous stiff and impersonal campaign performance in 2017.

May appeared cheerful as she danced to the world famous disco track in what could be a nod to her awkward dancing diplomacy during a recent trip to Africa. In late August, she entertained a group of scouts with a robotic dance in Nairobi, Kenya, during her visit to a UN campus there. May did it again with another group of dancing students in Cape Town, South Africa. 

I’d almost feel sympathy for her. I don’t know how to dance either and I too ironically like ABBA – so can’t knock her for her taste.

It’s the naive 70s aesthetic that gets me. Better times… better times.

But you’ll never see me breaking out any dance moves though.

Maybe if these were the early 00s when clubs were somewhat bearable. But nowadays, there isn’t a club in the entire White world that isn’t 10 guys shuffling around like zombies around one semi-attractive girl in a tank top, looking at one another awkwardly while they try to pretend that they like the random boops and beeps that are supposed to resemble a song coming from the androgynous DJ with the nose ring and the macbook.

So I refuse to dance. Dancing is dead. No one knows how to nor particularly wants to dance anymore. Them’s the facts.


When people are really happy, they might do a little celebratory shuffle. That’s still a thing. And nothing makes May happier than infiniggers and White Genocide.

She can’t help but break into a little jig whenever she thinks about BLACKING Britain and Whites getting genocided.

Macron has a similar negrophilia.

But his thing is clearly more sexual. You didn’t think that he was banging that granny did you? lol.

In that sense, I look at May’s dancing as a tell.

Means something nefarious is about to go down and she’s happy about it.

It probably involves infiniggers – that seems to be her trigger.

Beware The Dancing Hag, lads.

Theresa May is like a living caricature of a tarot card used by a gypsy who’s trying to warn you of your imminent doom.

This hag might end up dancing all over the Britons’ grave if she’s allowed to stay and become an institution like the other Wicked Witch in the West, that bitch Merkel.

If Trump hadn’t won, could you imagine the triangle of evil that would have taken over the West?

Hillary in America, May in the UK and Merkel in Germany. The Three Hags of the Apocalypse. 

If they were all to win office, meet together for a summit and then all dance at the same time, I would not be surprised if a gash opened in the naked earth and suddenly literal demons started crawling out of Hell.

I wish politicians would stop dancing.

It freaks me out.

Except Bush. His dancing always brought a smile to my face.

Dance on, brudda!