This Arabian Princess Bullshit is a Literal Staged Hoax (Crisis Actors)

Okay so I know I already wrote about this but Rush Limbaugh died and I had to write a meaningful obituary for the old bastard and now I’m behind on my work so this is a filler article.

This “hostage princess” thing is now the biggest story in the international media (I don’t think people outside of America really know who Rush Limbaugh was).

I think this is a literal staged event. I think they set it up – lights, camera, action.

Like when Stanley Kubrick filmed the Moon Landing.

Like Sandy Hoax.

Her father is in on it. Jews told him he’s gonna live forever as a cyborg and he’s down for whatever.

This is going to lead to a mass movement for “women’s rights” across Arabia.

You see: all of these third world countries have to be brought up to speed to where the West is in terms of social decay. They need empowered women, they need gay anal.

We need some name for this phenomenon. It’s happening everywhere at the same time.

Hyper Third Worldian Vagino-Analizationism? 

This is seriously like some Aladdin shit.

I will bet you money the next video this bitch releases she’ll be singing “A Whole New World.”

Of course, in this story, Joe Biden is the Genie, so he’s gonna have to release a cut of “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me.”

Seriously, imagine Joe Biden singing that song and posting it on social media.

Or just publicly making any reference to Aladdin, particularly “you ain’t never had a friend like me.”

There is a nonzero chance that he’s gonna say “I just want the women of the Moslem world to know, America’s back and we’re gonna continue the fight for human rights all across the world: you ain’t never had a friend like me.”

By the way, it’s obvious that the current leader of Saudi Arabia, Prince Salman, who is my age and had this cartoon as a child, based his personal identity on the third best song in Aladdin:

Unfortunately for all of these sick weirdos, faggots, and women, I based my identity on a much better Disney song:

It’s from the Bible, buddy: