This Anti-Anti-White Rapper is Fantastic, Actually

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2019

Man, I actually love this anti-anti-white rapper.

His name is Tom MacDonald, and he does not have a Wikipedia page. He does, however, have tattoos all over his face.

I had heard him before, speaking out against political correctness and so on, but this new song, “Straight White Male,” is a legitimately good song.

Here are the lyrics you can read if you’re the sort of prude that is uncomfortable with white rap. But you don’t have to read the lyrics to understand what he’s saying, because it’s not mumble rap.

The content is basically “Alt-Lite” tier. It’s an ode to the absurdity of blaming white men for being alive, and a refusal to apologize for existing. The video was released less than a week ago, and it’s got nearly 2 million views at the time of writing.

The insane thing is that although there is obviously a huge market for this sort of thing, it is just flat-out not allowed anymore. This is something on par with MILO or Gavin McInnes (although it is better than those, because he doesn’t take the time to explain how much he loves Israel and homosexuals), and both of those guys are banned.

MacDonald obviously got some money together to make this video, which is highly produced. But can someone like this actually have a career in current year? Once Jew Antifa find out who he is, can he possibly book shows? Can he keep from getting kicked off of iTunes and YouTube?

It doesn’t really seem that this is even remotely possible.

At this point, entire sections of culture are being cut out of our society by the censorship machine.

The cartoon Murdoch Murdoch was fantastic. It was funnier than anything I’ve seen on TV in as long as I can remember. It was banned from YouTube. Comedian Sam Hyde was hilarious, his show on Adult Swim was glorious, and it was canceled because a Jewish BuzzFeed reporter went on a jewhad against him. Stand-up comedian Owen Benjamin is banned from literally all comedy clubs in North America for being a Christian, and literally has to do secret events at children’s museums under fake names.

Art is simply being excised from society, because Jews decide what you are and are not allowed to think and feel.

What’s more, we have no way of measuring the amount of art that could be created and isn’t being created because people just know they can’t get away with it, can’t get any funding, and can’t even post it publicly.

It’s incredible, this level of censorship, and it will be interesting to see how long it is sustainable. As I have said a lot recently, we are now well beyond the level of censorship that existed in the Soviet Union.

They’re able to censor so much more because they’re using this Rube Goldberg machine system where the government isn’t technically censoring you, but rather just claiming that private companies have an absolute right to collude together to censor you. Of course, if you’ve got any bit of sense about you, you can grasp the obvious fact that if the government is openly refusing to protect your rights, then effectively the government is censoring you.

In any other context, this would be easily understood.

Just as an anecdote, I lived in Davao, Philippines in the mid-00s when Rody Duterte was the mayor of that city, and he was being accused of running the “Davao Death Squad” that would drive by on motorcycles and shoot drug dealers and users to death when they were released from jail. He said he wasn’t running it, but that he supported it and he wouldn’t arrest them. A journalist asked him if by allowing them to kill people, he was responsible for the deaths, and he said something to the effect of “I’m fine with that, yes.”

If you have a government that is charged with enforcing the protection your rights, and you’ve invested in them the sole ability to protect your rights, and they refuse to protect your rights, then there is no difference between that and the cops themselves coming and beating you up for making jokes about Jews.

The difference is just an illusion, which can only make sense in the minds of white people who are so prone towards abstract thinking. So this mechanism has allowed censorship to advance far beyond what it ever could have if they were simply passing laws to silence people. Meaning we are entering an entirely new territory, where we are going to see just how far censorship can go, before it creates a massive social upheaval.

I think it is obviously only a matter of time before people start setting off car bombs in Silicon Valley.

But yeah, I mean, the point I’m trying to make is simply this: I’d bet you that facial tattoos do get you mad pussy.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.