Thirty Arrested at Swedish Nationalist March

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2017

NRM had their big march.

They did not disappoint.

They’re being accused of attacking journalists and the cops. Maybe they did, but it would be the first time that nationalists anywhere ever did that.

However, if the media made this up in order to protect leftists and the cops and portray nationalists as violent, that would certainly be in keeping with statistical trends.


Up to 30 people were arrested during a march by neo-Nazi group the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Gothenburg, Sweden, after the demonstration turned violent.

NRM members and anti-fascist activists clashed with police on Saturday as hundreds of neo-Nazis, dressed in white shirts, green ties, and black slacks, attempted to march through the city, Reuters reports, citing police sources.

One police officer and one civilian suffered minor injuries during the confrontations according to preliminary reports.

Clashes erupted when the roughly 500-strong NRM group, prevented from reaching their licensed gathering point by thousands of counter demonstrators, tried to break through police lines along their allotted route.

Expressen reports that the neo-Nazis attacked several journalists with bottles and their NRM emblazoned riot shields.

Several NRM members, including leader Simon Lindberg, were arrested amid the scuffles that followed, according to local media reports. A number of counter-demonstrators were also among those detained after they also clashed with police.

Having refused to leave the city center for most of the afternoon, the NRM, following a conversation with police, returned to the area where they initially convened outside the city center.

“We have had a dialogue with them, buses were an option. But it’s better to go back to the same place,” Expressen quotes police spokesman Hans Lippens as saying.

The arrests follow several others made on Friday, when seven foreign nationals were detained in the city on suspicion of planning violent acts. Swedish police also strengthened several border crossings as they were “counting on chaos.”

“The police reinforced certain border crossings due to information that foreign citizens plan to travel in Sweden with the intention of interfering with order and safety at the Göteborg demonstrations. The police have also requested reinforcement of Norwegian police at border crossings to Norway,” police said as cited by Aftonbladet.

The demonstration outraged Sweden’s Jewish population, as it was held on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, and its original route would have seen the NRM march past a synagogue in Sweden’s second largest city. However, following a court ruling last week, the march was re-routed and shortened.

Rerouted by kikes!

All in all, this seems to have went off well and fulfilled its objective.

Can’t get too down about the media claiming the Nazis were violent – they always claim that.

One of the greatest aspects of these marches is showing how disgusting the opposition is.

We all need to take a page from the NRM book and start looking good at these rallies. The contrast between well-dressed white men and disgusting genetic waste and whore women really makes an impression on people, whether it is conscious or not. And the concept of “we’re invading your country – and then we’re protesting against your people” also surely makes a subconscious impression on everyone who witnesses it.