Third Golden Dawn Shooting Victim Speaks From the Hospital: Long Live Victory!

XA Ameriki
November 21, 2013

Alexander Gerontas.
Alexander Gerontas.

As many of you have already heard, our brother Alexander Gerontas was severely wounded and near death, after the cowardly terrorist attack that murdered two of our brothers, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis.

Since that terrible day, Alex, the 29 year old father of a small child, had been fighting like a lion to stay alive.

He has went though multiple surgeries and still remains in intensive care. Thankfully his iron will to survive has him now recovering day by day and he began to speak to one of our members that visited him in the hospital.

As he stuggled to speak using all of his strength he said “I am no hero, heroes are men like Karaiskakis and Kolokotronis” naming two of our beloved heroes from the historic Greek war of independence. He has not fully understood the weight of his own survival.

Our comrade who visited him was in awe, when Alex went on to say a message to our leader “Tell him that I’m well and that the truth will shine, I believe in justice”. Our comrade couldn’t believe this was a man just out of a major surgery talking like this already.

Alex is not superman or a titan, rather he is a man with intense zeal for his ideas and values of Hellenism. Despite this traumatic experience being on the brink of death,  the bullets have no effect on his will to fight alongside his comrades.

While laying in hospital bed, growing stronger with each day, Alex gives a message to all of us:

“We will win! Together with our chief leading us, long live victory!”