Things NPCs Say

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2018

These are some of the lines of code that an NPC will spit back at you when you encounter them on your various quests:

  • Climate change
  • White privilege
  • Drumpf
  • Abolish ICE
  • No borders
  • No human is illegal
  • All 11 million
  • Trump is a Nazi
  • You are a Nazi
  • No Nazis, no KKK, no fascist USA
  • Shame shame shame shame shame
  • Believe women
  • Refugees welcome
  • Immigrants commit fewer crimes than white people
  • Disagreeing with journalists is a violation of the First Amendment
  • Abortion is a human right
  • The NPC meme is dehumanizing
  • Putin is a dictator
  • Russia oppresses gays
  • Gender is a social construct
  • People are born gay
  • Russia hacked the election
  • There are Russian bots on Twitter
  • The Holocaust
  • Microaggressions exist
  • People can love whoever they want
  • Social media companies are private companies and can ban anyone
  • You have to bake this gay cake
  • There is a patriarchy
  • Women can do everything men can do
  • Human rights
  • Russian bots
  • Diversity is our strength
  • Bash the fash
  • Black lives matter
  • Unarmed black teen
  • Black slaves built America
  • Vegetarianism is healthy
  • Free health care is a human right
  • Free college is a human right
  • Rape culture
  • Islam means peace
  • Terrorism has no race or religion
  • Islamic terrorism is a result of the crusades
  • White men are actually terrorists
  • Healthy at every size
  • Standards of beauty
  • Old white men
  • Communism has never been tried
  • I believe in science
  • The Constitution applies to non-citizens
  • Guns kill people
  • Hate speech is not free speech
  • Hate speech is illegal
  • It is white people’s fault third world countries are poor
  • I think tattoos on women can be sexy

If you ask for an explanation of any of these beliefs, you will get a routine scripted answer. If you press any specific point in the routine answer, which will not be logically sound, they will go into angry mode and turn against you.

If you do not challenge them on anything, and simply let them talk while nodding, they will run through all of these points and then start again from the beginning.

An incredible thing is that they can give a narrative that the media will give without having the media give it to them in specific situations. That is to say, they are programmed with scripted narratives that fit to all situations they may encounter, which they can then apply in the real world.

Keep the Meme Alive

Yes, normies are now using the NPC meme and trying to make it just mean “liberal.” The pitiable welp Paul Joseph Watson made a horrible cringe video about it that went semi-viral, so this is now a thing.

But that is actually good. Exposure of the meme is good.

But understand: this is deeply philosophical and scathing. It does not just mean “liberals are gullible fools,” it means that there are people who have no voice inside their head narrating their lives – what we’ve been calling an “inner voice” or “internal monologue.” They are actual soulless fleshbags who only respond to the environment and are totally incapable of thought.

This is proven, and admitted by NPCs themselves.

They are literally unconscious. All they do is mope around forming sentences or parts of sentences based on programming running in their heads.

That is how the programming can constantly be updated.

Bill Clinton is a hero but orange man is evil for saying the same thing.

But people who are against unlimited immigration were always evil in the “mind” of an NPC.

Hillary Clinton was outspoken against “gay marriage.”

But people who are against “gay marriage” were always evil in the “mind” of an NPC.

This flowing change not just of perspective but of core beliefs about the social order can only be explained in terms of a complete and total lack of an ability to critically process information.

This entire phenomenon exists outside of measurable levels of cognitive intelligence. Both high IQ and low IQ people can be NPCs.

I have personally met people who were clearly not very intelligent who you can share ideas with and they will think about them and roll them around in their heads – clearly using an inner voice to process the ideas within themselves. Maybe the processing is slow, but it is happening.

I have also met people who clearly had high intelligence, could reference intellectual concepts and who had demonstrated competence in whichever field, but who broke down in an emotional rage if I presented an idea that is against the NPC programming.

We need to continue to examine this phenomenon in depth. It is a major breakthrough in understanding the nature of modern society – the biggest one I have been alive to witness.

Don’t worry about Reddit or Paul Joseph. But inject the true nature of the original meme whenever and wherever you can.

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