Things Could Get Worse

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2018

It occurs to me that as bad as things are…they could get worse. If the shitlibs and the Jews have their way with things, that is.

I’m going to keep a close eye on Sweden and the UK to see if my suspicions are confirmed or not within 18 months time or not.

But the next logical step… wait a sec, let me illustrate it for you. 

Destroy Nationalism — Atomize People — Outsource Jobs — Destroy Family Unit — Shackle Population with Usurious Debt — Being Importing Replacements — Arrest Anyone Who Objects — Genocide Natives Once Tipping Point Reached — Hand Over Government to Immigrants.

That seems to be the action plan.


Perhaps we’re forgetting a crucial step?

I wouldn’t put it past the Western governments to really get creative, probably between steps “Arrest Anyone Who Objects” and “Genocide Natives.”

The people might start waking up too fast.

In which case, what to do?

I’m sure they have a Plan B!

They might try to get creative, and speed the process up. And since they refuse to deport terrorists and Moslems, they may as well just start deporting their own citizens. After all, we’re all nations built on values now. Not people. So kick out anyone who isn’t for Moslem immigration or a Moslem/nig-dog himself.

Offer the White masses free Apple iWatches, watch them queue up, and then deport them lol.


Perhaps they could be more subtle. 

Citizenship could become dependent on good behavior and good goy points. 

If you are in bad standing…you don’t get to be considered a citizen anymore. Which, crazy as it sounds, is pretty much what we have now. If you’re labeled a racist, you basically lose all your rights.

You could see them making this argument right?

“Senator, are you saying that you defend the right of literal nazis to vote and subvert our democracy?”


“Senator, are you defending neo-nazis’/russian hackers’ Hate Votes?”

Gulp. I’m screwed.


Well, keep this in mind. Not so long ago, liberals believed in free speech. The whole Hate Speech thing is a new development that’s come around in the last 4 years following the SJW wave.

Now you’ve got talking heads on TV actually acting like Hate Speech is a thing in America, trying to gaslight their audience into thinking so as well. But there is no such thing. And if you thought that it would stop the shitlibs and Jews…you’d be wrong! Dead wrong!

So, I don’t think that it’s too far-fetched for them to start saying shit like:

It’s not OK to let all opinions be said, and it’s not OK for all votes to count, if they’re the dangerous kind. Doncha know that Hitler was democratically elected? We need to prevent that from happening again! If you disagree, you’re a nazi! 

I don’t know if that would work. But I wouldn’t put it past them trying it.