Thilo Sarrazin: An Unlikely Champion

Michael Colhaze
Occidental Observer
April 10, 2014


Germans have to abandon the Illusion that Germany belongs to the Germans
Çigdem Akkaya

Something is brewing in Europe. And even though it does so under a deceptively calm surface, the bubbling and hissing can be heard by anyone who has recognized the officially enforced credo for what it is: a destructive scheme that gives unelected bureaucrats and their shady overlords carte blanche to force an increasingly averse citizenry into abject servitude and downright ruin. The ominous noise, we have ample reason to believe, has also come to the attention of those presently in power, no matter if they are Bilderberg apologists, downright Goldman Sachs emissaries or hordes of spineless satraps who wallow in the parliamentary cream-pies like mice in a Swiss cheese.

The cheese, by the way, brings to mind a recent event in the country of its origin, namely a national referendum where the majority of Swiss citizens voted against suicidal immigration politics enforced by the EC. Upon which, as could be expected, the well-fattened Euro boffins blanched in horror and began to howl the usual catchwords, valiantly led by their German ringleader, one Martin Schulz. Who, as devout Sozi and president of the European Parliament, commands an army of overpaid underlings, all lounging in sumptuous offices or being chauffeured in their fleet of shiny limousines towards the best restaurants and nightclubs, in this way worming out optimum procedures of how to waste the taxpayers hard-earned money.

Small wonder thus that he could conceive nothing better but openly and noisily threaten the Swiss with sanctions if they dared to continue their nation-preserving strategies.

But the heirs of Wilhelm Tell only scoffed at the pompous plebeian upstart and mentioned in passing that they had no problem to look elsewhere for friends if that were ever a necessity.

Times are a-changing, it seems, and drastically so. Those who only recently could saddle a dumbfounded populace with vicious and downright insane injunctions are losing ground. Blatant injustice cannot expect any more to be acknowledged as sound legality, and those who have delivered criminal judgements and thus sinned against the most fundamental rules of democracy might sooner or later find themselves in the dock. As it is, the glorious Internet must be largely held responsible for the rapidly rising tide. Its avalanche of uncensored evidence has rocked the firmly entrenched mainstream media to its very foundations, and past are the days when the Murdochs, Sulzbergers, Bloombergs et al could poison entire continents with a venomous indoctrination based on mindboggling falsifications and little else.

And while it happens, and hopefully continues to happen, we must remember that there are men and women afoot who did not operate from behind a computer screen, but publicly undermined the hallowed status quo with courageous proclamations of thinly disguised dissent. Squeezing themselves somehow into the headlines, they emasculated the age-old rule of Silence, a brutal edict of the Media Mafia who never permitted anyone to be mentioned in their global information empire if he or she refused to swear unconditional allegiance beforehand.

The unlikely knight on top of this piece is, within this context, a particularly fine and successful example. Assisted by a robust common sense, sound morals with a touch of compassion, a shrewd command of tactical strategy and the ingenious knack to wrap scandalous heresy into legally imprecise phrasing, has he launched a noteworthy attack on the once impregnable citadel of Germany’s assorted PC punks and their shady overlords. An attack whose repercussions have been clearly felt in Brussels as well.

What follows are a few highlights of his career.

TV-Sendung Guenther Jauch

Thilo Sarrazin was born 1945 in Gera, Germany. He absolved his military service after graduating from the gymnasium, then studied economics at the University of Bonn, where he also earned his doctorate. While working for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, he became a member of the SPD, the German Socialist Party. Due to his obvious professional brilliance, he served as bureau chief and close collaborator of the then Federal Finance Minister Hans Matthöfer. When the socialist-liberal coalition ended in 1982, Sarrazin remained in the Finance Ministry. Appointed director of several units, including “Inter-German Affairs,” he prepared Germany’s monetary, economic and social re-union in 1990.

His next job in a leading position came with Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway. He is considered a key developer of the people’s share model of the German railway, which provides for the issue of non-voting preferred stock to limit the influence of private investors and thwart the model of capital privatization of Deutsche Bahn. His rapport with the CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG has been characterized as distinctly hostile.

In 2002 Berlin’s pansy mayor appointed him as the hopelessly indebted capital’s Finance Senator. Adhering to a policy based on strict savings and a single-entry bookkeeping system for the management of local authorities, his proposals for cutting social benefits were often accompanied by protests.

In April 2009 he resigned from this position and joined the executive board of the Bundesbank, or Federal Reserve, one of the most distinguished appointments the Republic has on offer. His responsibilities included information technology, risk monitoring and review. But in September of the same year he was abruptly released from all responsibilities by a joint vote of the other board members. Consequently, on 9th September 2010, he asked the Federal President to relieve him of his duties as board member. Around the same time the party leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) announced the intention to terminate of his party membership.

So what made the starched gents from the Bundesbank, the kinky comrades of the pinkish SPD, and plenty of other high-profile honchos so hysterically distraught about the man that it merited his unconditional sacking?

It must have been the day when he had suddenly enough of all the politically correct hogwash constantly puked up by those in power, or the incredible waste of taxpayers hard-earned money, or the hordes of ignorant and intolerant aliens streaming unhindered into his native country. So much so that he gave his conscience free reign and delivered a few straightforward observations in Lettre International, a German cultural quarterly.

Integration requires an effort from those that are to be integrated. I will not show respect for anyone that is not making that effort. I do not have to acknowledge anyone who lives by welfare, denies the legitimacy of the very state that provides that welfare, refuses to care for the education of his children and constantly produces new little “headscarf-girls”. This holds true for seventy percent of the Turkish and ninety percent of the Arab population in Berlin.

And …

No other religion in Europe makes so many demands. No immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime. No group emphasizes their differences so strongly in public, especially through women’s clothing. In no other religion is the transition to violence, dictatorship and terrorism so fluid.

As can be imagined, all hell broke loose in Bilderberg’s model protectorate. The Central Council of Jews in Germany condemned the blasphemer as, what else, a hate-mongering racist. Sigmar Gabriel, General Secretary of the SPD and a Jew himself, blasted Sarrazin for his eugenic heresies. And the chairman of the Interior Committee of the German Bundestag, Sebastian Edathy, also a Sozi and now on the run for child pornography of the worst possible kind, saw the Republic’s democratic foundations in danger of disintegrating.

To name but a few.

Meanwhile you may ask surprised: Eugenics?! That accursed non-word uttered in Germany of all places? Wow!

Because according to Mr. Sarrazin … “all Jews share a certain gene, just like all Basques share a certain gene, which distinguishes them from all other peoples.”

The old bogey Boas, if still around, would most like have choked with fury. As to the culprit, he showed himself unimpressed by the uproar his remark had caused. Citing a saintly source, namely geneticist Gil Atzmonl in the American Journal of Human Genetics, he easily defused the accusations of “perfidious, infamous and inciting” racism.

This sudden onslaught of hitherto condemnable dissent caught the wholly subservient and dishonest German mass media completely off guard, and mainly because the offender wasn’t a flea-bitten dissident, repulsive Neo-Nazi or demented lunatic, but had served as a highly effective manager in the Republic’s most important administrative positions. And could therefore not be defused with the usual tactic of simply ignoring him.

Small wonder thus that Thilo Sarrazin became a household name in all of Germany within the shortest possible time.

And while those in power were still grinding their teeth with impotent anger, he abandoned petty skirmishing and launched a broadside instead. Namely by hurling a book at them with the provocative title Germany Abolishes Itself.  Its argumentation is simply what has been stated above, with the addition that the hordes of unwilling and low-IQ foreigners who reproduce like rabbits will reduce the indigenous populace within a few generations to a minority whose lack of proper education makes them in the end as dumb and insensitive as the invaders.

An immediate blockbuster, it became the best-selling book on politics by a German-language author in many years, with the first editions sold out in a matter of hours, and overall sales hitting 1.1 million copies in less than two months.

One commenter answered the question if Sarrazin is an eugenicist? with an unreserved yes. He argued that the central argument in Germany Abolishes Itself is based on the fundamental tenets and assumptions of eugenicist Francis Galton, whom he designates as the founder of early intelligence research, and against this background calls for a class-specific population policy with particular birth incentives. More children from the wise before it’s too late,” was his programmatic demand.  “If Sarrazin himself had not insisted on quoting eugenicists and racial biologists of the early 20th century, then his theories would not necessarily indicate that he adheres to traditional racial-biological or eugenic theories.” The aim of the Theory of Eugenics in England in the late 19th century was “to stimulate the Upper Class to a normal degree of fertility and consequently the production of intelligence, and so to halt the fertility rate of the lower classes. Galton’s eugenics did not ponder radical demands like castration or even euthanasia for idiots and imbeciles as in Nazi Germany, but possibly marriage prohibitions, which Sarrazin also thinks an acceptable solution.”

Based on the theories of Sarrazin’s book, the International Hartheim Conference discussed the question of whether and to what extent biological interpretation patterns of social conditions in society are on the rise. Phenomena such as social stratification, intelligence, or the integration of migrants into host societies should be — according to the thesis of the Conference — increasingly attributed to biological effects, that is, on the assumption of genetically acquired behaviours.

Among the usual heap of concerted defamations were a few voices from the mainstream press who found it necessary to demonstrate a more thoughtful stance, clearly with the aim to appease an always more critical and independent readership.

Political correctness is silencing an important debate. 

“Sarrazin’s findings on the failed integration of Turkish and Arab immigrants are beyond any doubt. Because of it he has been forced out of the Bundesbank. The SPD wanted to expel him from the party, too. Invitations previously extended are being withdrawn. The culture page editors of the German weekly Die Zeit are crying foul and the editors at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung are damning Sarrazin for passages he didn’t even write. But what all these technicians of exclusion fail to see is that you cannot cast away the very thing that Sarrazin embodies: the anger of people who are sick and tired — after putting a long and arduous process of Enlightenment behind them — of being confronted with pre-Enlightenment elements that are returning to the centre of our society. They are sick of being cursed or laughed at when they offer assistance with integration. And they are sick and tired when reading about honour killings, of death threats against cartoonists and filmmakers, of Islamist associations that are separated by one degree only from terrorism.

While the politically correct poltroons still reeled from this staggering defeat, even worse was to come. Namely a new book titled “We don’t need the Euro,” another well-researched heresy from the highly knowledgeable former Federal Banker. It must have made Chief Blankfein and his co-gnomes feel highly apprehensive, particularly with regard to the elaborate schemes of robbing Europe stark naked with the help of the brazenly corrupt Brussels punks and pundits.

Thilo Sarrazin’s last violation of the once hallowed status quo is yet another book, only recently distributed, with the catching title The Virtue Terrorists.  Sounding somewhat awkward in the English translation, it has the original German Tugend, or virtue, a particularly fine ring, since it can be used with all due respect, but also rather scathingly to ridicule those official hypocrites who carry it in bright colours on their banner, but are in fact as virtuous as the common bedbug.

Avoiding direct confrontational terms, Sarrazin derides every standard doctrine of the self-appointed guardians of virtue, like the notion that inequality is bad and equality is good. In fact, he writes, there has been always inequality

The hunter with a hand axe was superior to the one without hand axe. If somehow a state of equality came to pass, it would be immediately invalidated by man himself. Because everywhere the fast one beats the slow one, the diligent the lazy, the educated the ignorant, the wise the fool, the creative the creature of habit, the lucky one the unlucky one, and thus new inequalities will be created.”  [Certain consequences of inequality can be mitigated to an extent that they are socially unacceptable.] “But the impulse that lives behind them must not be damaged, because arising out of it are knowledge and wealth or, in two simple words, Evolution and Life.

Sarrazin rejects the idea that a rich person should feel guilty. As it is, society relies in fact on this inequality. “A certain inequality of income and wealth is the inevitable consequence of any functioning market economy. The corrective intervention by a government must therefore always happen within strict limits.” This has been recognized by the Scandinavian countries who leave the markets largely to themselves and arrange redistribution via income tax and social security contributions.

He goes on to mock the claim that secondary virtues like competitive ambition are unimportant or even morally questionable.  “The reservations against secondary virtues only reflect an envy of the Fittest.”

What causes his unrestrained derision is the claim that men and women possess, their sexual characteristics apart, no innate differences. Such a view can only evolve from an ideological definition of basic facts.

Already the idea that men and women may be to some extent different, with behaviours and preferences congenital or early acquired which lead to different ways of living, is for certain ideologues unbearable. They want to eradicate all signs of otherness root and branch and will not rest until every second nurse is male and every second board member female.

Such outspoken profanations of the politically correct compost heap are making a lot of people foaming at the mouth with wrath. No matter whether they are Greens, Socialists or Christian Democrats, all have voiced their profound discomfiture at these terrible heresies and vowed to discredit their author with every means at their command.

Empty talk, though. Because as unlimited masses of aliens continue to pour into Germany, a recent poll showed that nearly seventy percent of Germans agree with Thilo Sarrazin.

And if he were to launch a political party tomorrow, a staggering eighteen percent would vote for him.