Thieving, Lying, Sleazy, Greasy Billionaire Jew Threatens British Member of Parliament

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2016

green slimy jew snake

If Jewish villains were snakes we’d have two kinds of snake.

The thin radical, Liberal, Marxist, Libxist, Marxeral, specialist, loop-hole lawyer, creative accountant type Jews would be the rattlesnakes, while the fat ‘businessman’ (i.e. ‘ripping people off’) type Jew would be the fat python – its size depending on what helpless creature or thing it had just devoured. Devouring employee pension funds, or pension pots as they’re colloquially known, is popular at the moment and Sir (only Jews seem to get Knighthoods these days) Philip Green (rather rotund Jewish businessman, who is labelled ‘King of the High Street) would be a very fat python indeed, for he has just swallowed a very big employee pension pot, the one belonging to the now defunct High Street clothing chain British Home Stores, (BHS), to be exact, and estimated at £571 million.

Asian surgeon molests white womenIt has been said by someone far more learned than myself, that the reason Jews can’t resist stealing money is because deep down they regard all money as belonging to them. Whatever the reason, they do seem to find it very difficult to keep their hands off other people’s money, even more difficult, if that be possible, than Asian doctors find it to keep their hands off white female patients. (The legacy of slavery won’t work here, so perhaps it is to do with the legacy of colonialism?)The British Medical Authority’s yearly listing of names struck off, or suspended for sexually molesting female patients reads like the Caltutta phone directory. One senior GP (general practitioner) once confided in me that only a weak man or a man who is mentally deficient would let his wife or daughter receive medical treatment by an Asian male.

Frank Field Labour Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Work and Pensions Committee recently held an investigation into the demise of British Home Stores which was recently run into the ground by billionaire Sir Philip Green. He summoned the guilty looking over-large slithery python to the committee hearings and, rather like the small boy in the story book, pointed at the bulge in the python’s bulk and remarked that it did rather look like the BHS’s pension pot. He gave Green a grilling and Green was not a happy snake. The slimy snake’s expression said “Who is this officious, bumptious upstart? Don’t these goy MPs realise they are only there to serve (((us)))?? How dare they criticise one of the Chosen! You have nothing on me goys! I used Jew process to steal the money, err… due process to transfer the money!” Somehow the modus operandi of controlling the goys – ‘the 5Bs’, (bullshit, brainwashing, bribery, blackmail and bullying), wasn’t working particularly well today. They even threatened to take away his Knighthood!

Asian Dr molests white femalesShortly later in a BBC Radio 4 Today Programme interview Frank Field came right out with it and accused Green of stealing the money, and (wait for it), of being worse than Sir (another fat Jewish businessman) Robert Maxwell. Maxwell of infamous memory, who in the late 1980’s stole the pension savings of the employees who worked for his newspaper, The Daily Mirror. The Daily Mirror is a left wing tabloid that supposedly sticks up for the working class, but actually (surprise, surprise) slavishly serves the Jewish Agenda of replacing the white working class of Britain with a polyglot mix of non-white slaves.

The Daily Mirror workers who lost their hard earned savings were mainly working class white men from the East End of London – this area has long since been ethnically cleansed of whites, most of whom have fled to Essex. Lost their pensions and ethnically cleansed. Such is modern capitalism. The BHS workers who lost their hard earned savings on the other hand are from all across Britain and are mainly working and middle class females who decided to forgo having children in order to have ‘a career’, (or at best have 1.5 or even 0.5 children and leave them home alone mothered by the cruelest of all babysitters – the television set). Now these women have got no pension, no children and no grandchildren to look after them and warm their hearts as they face their bleak old age – truly the unseen wages of feminism.

This comment by Frank Field MP accusing Green of theft – everyone knows it is true, but no one dares say it – on prime time national radio sent Green into paroxysms of rage, and tied him up in knots, so much so that he hired the top rattlesnake legal firm of (((Schillings))) who promptly on Monday 25th July sent a letter to Field’s office in The Houses of Parliament demanding that he withdraw the comment and apologize, and do so within 24 hours or face the direst consequences. This was several days ago, and despite the noisiest of rattles Field seems unfazed, the time has now elapsed and he has stubbornly not complied. (Give the man a cigar!) In fact he’s done one better, he’s asked The Serious Fraud Office to investigate the fat python to see if the pension pot looking bulge really is the pension pot. (Give the man TWO cigars!! Let’s create an award for guts – ‘a Daily Stormer cigar.’) Quite why a fraud investigation was not launched months ago baffles most people who don’t read The Daily Stormer.

All this makes me rather like Frank Field MP, and when the day comes, it might even make me think twice before herding him with the rest of the parliamentary mob up in front of a wall and happily machine gunning them all down. I know, I know. Treachery and complicity, never mind active involvement, in furthering white genocide deserve far, far worse. But it was George MacDonald Fraser, (if you want some light entertainment combined with real understanding of human nature, history and the smashing of just about all the hallowed liberal shibboleths, you couldn’t do better than read George MacDonald Fraser’s ‘Flashman’ novels – all eleven of them, and read them in order), George MacDonald Fraser recommended the wall and the bullet approach to dealing with our politicians. Although I have heard various alternative suggestions bantered back and forth – one of the most grisly is that of throwing all the Marxeral-Libxist elite bound hand and foot into an empty swimming pool, and then allowing anyone and everyone who wanted revenge to urinate into the pool until the traitorous dogs slowly drowned, with the emphasis on slowly. Rather inventive you must agree, in fact I don’t know why the Nuremberg Trials Tribunal didn’t think that one up for the charge sheet – what else could the Auchwitz swimming pools have been used for? No, I agree with ‘Flashman’ ‘what the other races do is up to them, but we’re white men and if you want to kill a man, kill him, don’t mess around’.

Same goes for executions after a fair trial – which is exactly what I’d give them all first. Let’s see… during WWII, SS soldiers were given a 2 minute trial upon capture before being ‘executed’, I’d be more generous and give them all these race-mixers, race-defilers, traitors and enemies of our people a 3 minute trial – time enough to try and explain away their crimes don’t you think?

Asian health workers molest white women

Back to the Field – Green fiasco. What happens next? Well Green is becoming a real embarrassment to the worldwide Jewish Community, (he’s just too obvious!) and he owns 3 luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, so perhaps Mossad will do a Maxwell on him? Which means he will fall off his yacht and drown, or end up living secretly in Tel Aviv – take your pick.

As to the general furore, that Sir Philip Green has caused, and the hatred and loathing he has aroused – it is all to the good. He is described as ‘the unacceptable face of Capitalism’. I disagree – he is the REAL face of Capitalism. Such a pity though that most British people do not realise he is a Jew. Hmmm… I wonder if the Daily Stormer troll army could do anything about that?

philip green