They’re Going to Come to Your House: You Need to Stop Entertaining Uprising Fantasies and Get Serious

Leftists are winning by such an unfathomable margin because they are so good at bringing down pain on their enemies.

Chad Wolf is basically the single person in the federal government who has tried to do something about the riots tearing down our entire country. He sent a bunch of people from the Customs and Border Patrol to fight Antifa in the streets of Portland. This was a really creative solution, given that the President does not have the ability to order the FBI to do anything.

Of course, the CBP agents in Portland don’t have the ability to do anything but fight Antifa in the streets. They can arrest them, but can only hold them for a few hours. So it has turned into an endless battlefield situation, where the Antifa just keep respawning because there are no permakills. Attorney General William Barr continues to refuse to charge the rioters (at least on any kind of scale or with any kind of urgency – over the last few days he has technically brought some charges, it should be mentioned).

Even though what Wolf did amounts to an empty gesture, which in fact is only serving to embolden the Antifa and give them clarity of purpose, the left made a point to personally punish him.

They showed up at his family home to yell threats through a megaphone.

This threatening mob got a glowing write-up in the local Alexandria paper ALX Now:

Dozens of protestors demonstrated outside the Alexandria home of acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday, and called for him to end actions against protestors throughout the country by federal agents.

“We live among the people who are wreaking havoc on this country,” one protestor said. “He goes out and commits these atrocities every day. He’s not elected. He’s not Senate confirmed. He is an acting appointee of Donald Trump… We will not be good Germans. We will not be the people who sat by and watched our neighbors commit these atrocities.”

Alexandria has had a number of peaceful protests since the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of the police, however other protests, such as in Portland, Oregon, are currently being suppressed by federal agents at the direction of Wolf, who appeared on Fox News on Sunday defending the deployments.

A majority of the protestors wore masks, and only City Councilman John Taylor Chapman was an identifiable public figure who attended the event. He recorded it on his phone and did not provide a comment. Wolf’s next-door neighbors provided water and snacks for protestors and said that he is otherwise a nice neighbor who does not talk about work.

Jonathan Krall, executive director of Grassroots Alexandria, said that Wolf is at the center of a fearful endeavor for the country.

“He is sending people out to behave like secret police,” Krall said. “He’s attempting to change the standard by which our police behave in the country. Here in Alexandria, we’re fighting for police data transparency. We need police be more transparent in all all levels, and he’s (Wolf is) doing the opposite. The people being picked up without documentation, without any record of why they’re being arrested completely destroys accountability, and you need accountability in policing.”

Of course, this has all gotten too bizarre to even have a coherent conversation about, but the officers defending the federal building in Portland from the ongoing assault on it are not even cops. As stated above, they are Border Patrol agents.

They do not have the ability to charge anyone with crimes (and I do not imagine they’re even especially familiar with what the crimes are). They can only temporarily detain people who are caught in acts of violence. That is the reason that people are being detained. They’ve launched a weeks-long assault on a federal courthouse and are attempting to burn it down using fireworks, firebombs, and explosives. They are also bashing it up with hammers.

Here is some video of one of the attacks from a few days ago.

It’s incredible that someone would see these photographs and videos and say “the feds need to be accountable and explain why they’re detaining these people.” Obviously, they’re being detained because they’re involved in a violent assault on a federal courthouse.

At this point, however, the situation has escalated completely beyond the pale.

As Antifa were rioting over the weekend in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere, openly calling for a completely new type of society to be established in America, Jewish Congressman Jerrold Nadler was asked what he thought of these riots.

His answer?

“It’s a myth.”

True story. Watch the clip. It’s fascinating. Give that to the Jews: they are absolutely fascinating creatures.

This is apparently the new narrative: they are going to go so hard with the “peaceful protesters” narrative, that they just outright deny things that we’re all seeing on television. This is obviously a kind of test of faith for True Believers. It’s a ritual, this process of getting people to confess a belief in things that are objectively untrue.

But here’s the scary part: I think this is part of a long-term strategy. I have written about how the electronic media will be used to put you in a Skinner Box once the Democrats get total control. They are going to cleanse the media of this material, as they are already claiming that it doesn’t exist. Then, will it even exist? If a bear shits in the woods and no one smells it, did he actually take a shit at all?

Riots will be used locally to create fear among the public, but they will never be featured on any national news. They may not even be featured on local news. People will know they are happening, they will hear rumors about how the mob has killed people, but none of it will ever be confirmed. The message will be this: “you are alone, you need to get in line and do as you are told, or there are people who will come and hurt you.”

Those of you who are still holding onto these fantasies about how there will be resistance to this agenda need to go ahead and get ahold of yourselves and think this through: how could there be resistance, when there is no information? All of the communication lines will be shut off.

Virtually everyone is dependent on Facebook, and they are going to isolate every account of a right-winger who they think might put up resistance. They already have them identified. They might funnel them into fake groups that only have bots, where they can manipulate them into doing things by making them believe they’re communicating with real people. At the very least, they will be neutralized.

When Fox News is taken down or transformed into something else, there will be no network willing to give a differing opinion, and the central authority will control what is on all of the TV sets. Google will be scrubbed of right-wing websites. You will not know what is happening on the next street over, let alone in the rest of the country.

So where will the uprising be? How is it possible? If the badged Antifa “social workers” that will replace the cops come to take your guns and you shoot back, then who knows about that? The only people that know are the people they want to know. If they don’t want anyone to know, no one will know. It will be explained to your neighbors that they did not see anything.

So, where is the resistance?

There isn’t one. It is utterly impossible. The chance for such a thing as fighting back against this system passed a long time ago. I understand that many of you still imagine this “the people won’t surrender their guns” narrative that has been so popular for so long in the right wing, but just go through and think about what I’ve said here.

Furthermore, they won’t necessarily be in a rush to take your guns. They already have the ability to lock you in your house whenever they want with the coronavirus pretext. They control all information going into your house. Someone can pick up a gun and just start shooting random people, or he can sit at home, both of those things are fine with our overlords.

Or hey – maybe you march down the street with your gun, screaming at your neighbors to come out and join you with their guns. Maybe they come out, and you take over the neighborhood. Well, no one else in the city, let alone in the rest of the country, knows you did that. So, in the worst case for the government, they just starve you out. The women of the neighborhood will be demanding you just stop it and obey the rules. You will not hold that neighborhood for long.

The entire thing here is unhinged and nonsensical. The peasant uprising was a silly fantasy in any context, but in the context of what we are going into now, it is purely malignant.

There is an army of shills promoting stuff like “worse is better” and “when Biden wins whites will finally wake up and DO SOMETHING.” Some of these people might be genuinely stupid, maybe some of them just haven’t thought about it and after this article will stop saying it. But most of them are shills. They are people who are being directed to help Joe Biden win the election by telling right-wingers that Biden winning will lead to a glorious revolution.

It will not do that, and it is obvious that it will not do that, so the people promoting that after having all of this explained to them in such detail have to be doing so maliciously. This election will determine the fate of civilization itself, so all the stops have already been pulled out.

I am not trying to crush your hopes. Hoping for an uprising is the worst idea ever. What you have to do is get out of the city. In the rural areas, there will be chances to fly under the radar, to get communities to work together, and ultimately, to organize some kind of secession from the federal United States. That is what all of you need to be working on, aside from working to get Trump reelected.

Most likely, we’re going to end up doing this the hard way. But understand: if you sacrifice yourself by staying in the big city, you’re not just forfeiting your own life. By taking yourself out of the game, you are taking an American soldier out of the revolution. In fact, you do not have a right to waste your own life like this. You wasting your life is a crime against your brothers and countrymen.

You have a duty to go into rural areas, get support with basic talk about masks and black riots and communism, and you can begin to set up your part of the resistance.