They’re Getting Weird with This “Bitcoin Tracking” Stuff

Nick Fuentes can be easily identified by the pink circle around his face.

In the aftermath of the hilarious and mostly peaceful disco party at the Capitol building on January 6, the website “Chainalysis” (archive link) has done a “chain analysis” of some money sent to right-wingers on December 8.

I’m fine with Nick getting 13.5 times more than us. But Gab is just going to keep that money, and add it to the pile they’re getting for turning over information to the feds.

Seriously, did you see that statement Andrew Torba (CEO of Gab) issued after Congress and the Israeli Lobby started giving him shit?

That’s a YIKES from me, lads.

As I said: compare it to the statement Rim Cook issued when the FBI asked him to open a phone of the San Bernadino terrorist, who had just killed 16 people in a mass shooting.

There was a legitimate argument to be made that opening the terrorist’s phone could prevent further terrorist attacks, and Apple said “nope.” The feds were forced to go pay some Israeli hacking company to open the phone.

So I mean, whatever – I’m thankful for whoever sent me money, and I’m especially thankful they sent such a nice amount to Nick, and helped out poor Ethan Ralph. And really everyone else on that list. But no one should send money to Gab, which is at this point effectively being run by the FBI, according to Torba’s own statements.

Think about it: he’s saying “I’ll give the FBI anything they ask for,” so obviously the FBI is going to say “okay, just give us everything.”

But I digress (I’m just looking for any excuse to call out Gab on this shit they are doing, where they say “we love the First Amendment, come here and say whatever you want so we can tell the feds about it.”)

These Chainalysis people are saying they don’t know who this BTC came from, but that it came from “overseas.”

This is on the level with your standard “Russian hacker” bullshit. No one knows if that came from over seas, inside seas or under the sea.

Frankly, I’m betting on the latter, due to the extremist connection with forces under the sea.

I can confirm that on December 8, the same day I received this 1 BTC, an unidentified person on the secret encrypted messaging app “Telegram” sent me an encrypted extremist message that read “darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me.”

Yeah But Really Though

As many of you are aware, I’ve removed the Bitcoin address from the site. I did it months ago. Specifically because these people are insane. No one on that list of recipients is accused of any crime, but this is being blasted all over the place, saying that someone needs to shut down the ability of political dissidents to receive money through crypto.

Frankly, this looks like a setup. Even if it isn’t being built as a setup, it could easily be used as a setup. They can start sending you money from some address that they’ve already linked to some confirmed foreign “terrorist” group and then say you’re working with them. Obviously, you have no ability to decide who sends you money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they used some address associated with ISIS and then started saying “LOOK THESE PEOPLE ARE FUNDED BY ISLAMIC TERRORISTS – THERE’S A NEW LINK BETWEEN MAGA TERRORISM AND ISLAMIC TERRORISM, THEY’RE TRYING TO BRING DOWN DEMOCRACY!”

They could do the same thing with the Chinese, or whatever.

The fact of reality is that Bitcoin is not anonymous, and at this point, there is a need for anonymity, so I’m calling on everyone to switch to anonymous, security-oriented cryptos. For the time-being, I’m exclusively using Monero, though I might add some other security coins, depending on whether or not they meet our standards of TOTAL SECURITY.

I think everyone needs to do that, and I’m going to try to set an example of security here, which I think everyone needs to follow.

Like it or not, if you’re MAGA, or an infowarrior, or Q, or whatever the hell you are, you are now in my world.

Please watch this clip explaining the situation in more detail:

You all need to start acting like you’re a political dissident in any other country with a brutal police state that doesn’t tolerate dissidence. Because that’s what you are.

In fact, it’s worse than in any other real country. It’s more like the satire of a police state you see in films like Schindler’s List.

And that’s a reality that isn’t going away, whether you believe it or not.

If you supported President Donald J. Trump, they are coming for you.

Use every possible means to maintain privacy. Delete everything, use VPNs, use Tor, use privacy coins, use fake email addresses and DO NOT KEEP DATA.

Furthermore: DO. NOT. TALK. TO. THE. COPS.

If Gab stays online, I would just assume it’s a honeypot. I mean, the guy is out there saying he’ll turn over any and all information requested by the FBI.

I don’t know about the rest of this stuff.