They Matter: Blacks Go Wild in Oz

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2016


Take a look at your international obligations, Australia

Australia has international obligations, goyim, which is why it must accept thousands of berserk Sudanese refugees into its cities.

If black people are to grow smart and learn how to travel to Mars, invent iPads and stuff, then White people must be forced to live among them. The secret to White people’s success will thus be magically shared by proximity and exposure.

Sure, you have to expect a few incidental casualties along the way because black people like to slaughter anything with a pulse. But the Jewish scientists assure us that is simply an intermittent phase; a period that we must all indulge for the betterment of this valuable race that is destined to cure cancer and inhabit the stars.

Meanwhile, gentile filth, you can pay for slavery, institutional racism, golliwogs and black face minstrels by turning the other cheek.

Like the  pregnant woman in Melbourne who was attacked by Sudanese youths wielding hammers, along with the rest of these heart-warming tales of African struggle. See, they all happened within a day of each other.

Daily Mail:

A 24-year-old pregnant woman has been attacked with a hammer by four men that are believed to be linked to Melbourne’s African Apex gang.

Around 11.30pm on Tuesday the woman was walking alone down Walsh Street in Noble Park in Melbourne’s south east when a car drove past and one of the occupants whistled at her.

The pregnant woman picked up the pace and turned onto Myrtle Street but the blue Ford Falcon XR 6 sedan did a U-turn and pulled up behind her.

While two men remained in the car, four men wearing masks and armed with a baseball bat, axe and hammer, approached the woman and demanded her handbag.

Before she could hand it over one of the men swung a hammer at her three times, one which hit her arm as she covered her face for protection.

The handbag, which contained her mobile phone, was quickly snatched by the thieves who then got back in the vehicle.

The victim asked for her mobile phone back as it had recent ultrasound photos of her unborn child.

The offenders threw her phone on the ground before making a getaway down Heatherton Road in a car that the victim believed had been lowered and fitted with a turbo engine.

If you knew what they had been through back in the Sudan, you wouldn’t be so quick to think Nazi thoughts!

blk crime

A life support system for a set of teeth paid for with White taxes

Don’t worry, be happy, sport, just like this ‘Smiling African stalker’ who twice tried to kidnap the same girl because of his culture, customs, and a powerful need to have aggressive sex so that his self-esteem is kept in balance. If only the dumb slut hadn’t been so quick to escape him. She would’ve enjoyed Stockholm syndrome.

Daily Mail:

Police are hunting down a smiling stalker who drove up to a terrified 18-year-old woman and ordered her to ‘get in the car’.

The teenager was walking her dog in Wollert, north of Melbourne, on the evening of August 28 when the man drove past in a black BMW.

The driver – who was described by police as being of African appearance – smiled and waved at her before honking his horn, police said.

The stalker did a quick u-turn and pulled up next to the woman, ordering her to ‘get in the car’, detectives from Epping Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team said.

The woman tried to run away but struggled as her dog’s lead had become entangled with a pole.

She panicked and screamed as the motorist got out of his car and again demanded that she get into his car, but she managed to escape.

The brazen driver harassed the young woman once more a week later after driving up to her at around 9am on September 5.

Investigators believe the same man in the same BMW pulled up to the woman at the corner of a nearby street in Wollert.

Of course, a filthy Alt-Right racist would be thinking something like “the attempted kidnap doesn’t surprise me but why is this dreadful dindu driving around in a luxury BMW when I have to catch a bus?”

Every black person knows how to sell drugs, and if only stupid conservative attitudes to drugs coupled with racial stereotypes were removed then this smiling skinny would be recognised for the young entrepreneur that he is. They might even consider tax concessions for him.


When you are old and need care, these are who you will turn to for help

But what about when blacks kill, especially their own people?

Again, it is post-traumatic stress disorder, cobber, and blacks suffer it so badly. Like this one that killed his wife because of the voodoo skulls laughing inside his head. Luckily, White man’s law goes easy on blacks.

Daily Mail:

The family of a woman who was stabbed to death by her refugee husband broke down and wailed in court on Friday after the offender was jailed for at least five years for manslaughter.

Solomon Hailu Jenbare, 52, who was tortured in his native Ethiopia and suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, was acquitted of murdering 25-year-old Wubanchi Asfaw in November 2014, but found guilty of her manslaughter.

Her distraught mother and friends sobbed and yelled out in the NSW Supreme Court after Justice Lucy McCallum jailed him for nine years with a non-parole period of five years.

‘In my opinion I thought he would be life in prison, that’s what I was thinking. Five year, three year, that’s a joke,’ Meskeren Tesfaye, a supporter, told The ABC outside court.

Justice Lucy McCallum told the court that the woman must have died in immense pain but she believe Jenbare was remorseful.

But let’s not forget the poor Aborigines that Australians have been killing for at least ten thousand years.

You came, you stole their idea for the Sydney Opera House, you slaughtered them and now you must pay. Like in Kalgoorlie, where a little Abo who reportedly stole stuff off a White man in the name of these historic injustices, was then killed when he was allegedly chased down by the Whitey in his car while riding a (most likely) stolen motorbike.


Look into the eyes of a future rocket scientist

Do you seriously think that one little riot, even though the gentile is already in custody, is going to make up for all that?

Nup, that’s why the local boongs had to go and burn down his house, even though he was only renting.

Daily Mail:

The home of the man charged over the death of a young Aboriginal boy has been destroyed in a huge blaze following a suspected vigilante arson attack.

The Kalgoorlie property – which was being rented by the accused but was owned by a local man – went up in flames about 6.30pm on Thursday evening.

The fire came about three weeks following the death of Elijah Doughty, 14, who police allege was run down while on his motorbike about three weeks ago.

The home was left in smouldering ruins with the blaze causing more than $250,000 worth of damage.  

Police questioned family of Mr Doughty over the blaze, NITV reported. No charges have been laid and Arson Squad detectives are investigating. 

A 55-year-old white man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was charged with manslaughter over Mr Doughty’s death.

Police allege the man struck the teenager’s motorcycle with his Nissan utility vehicle.

Angry demonstrations calling for the man to be charged with murder boiled over into violent race riots about three weeks ago.

The owner of the burned down property urged the local community to ‘keep loving each other’.

‘I’m alive and that’s alright,’ the homeowner told Daily Mail Australia on Friday morning.

Police had only just called him to ask for permission to enter the property.

So they’re your blacks now, and you better take real good care of them otherwise, there are likely to be consequences. Remember your international obligations.

It’s all about those obligations.


You shouldn’t have been so quick with the blackface, goyim