They Locked It Down So They Could Manage Uprisings, Revolutions and Wars

The primary purpose of the coronavirus lockdown hoax is to keep everyone imprisoned in a closed society as riots and uprisings happen in other parts of society. It’s similar to allowing weeds to grow in your yard so that snakes move in and kill your neighbor’s children.

Currently, there are new (post-coronavirus) revolutions, uprisings or wars in:

  • USA
  • Belarus
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • China-India
  • Armenia-Azerbaijan

The media is stating plainly, in many cases, that these uprisings are caused by the virus hoax.

It’s strange it’s also now happening in Israel, but I believe that the plan is to change Israel somehow as a part of all of this.


Demonstrators opposing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu descended on the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night, despite only being allowed to rally outside their homes. Four people were detained following scuffles with police.

Clashes broke out when police tried to contain thousands of protesters who poured into Habima Square in central Tel Aviv to demand that the PM step down.

Officers were filmed dragging people along the ground and struggling to push the crowd away from the square.

Demonstrators held up signs reading “Go!” and “Bibi, you are destroying my future,” referring Netanyahu’s popular nickname.

Four people were detained. Police told the media that some officers were injured as protesters threw “objects” at them.

Smaller demonstrations occurred in various locations across the country as protesters abided by the emergency rule barring Israelis from rallying more than 1km (0.6 miles) away from their homes. The measure was imposed last month as part of the government’s strategy to combat the resurgence of Covid-19 infections and was extended for an additional week on Wednesday.

Israel went into its second lockdown in September, shutting down many non-essential businesses, banning large gatherings and restricting movement.

The ‘Black Flag’ movement has been staging rallies outside the PM’s official residence in Jerusalem and in other cities. The organizers have claimed that, overall, more than 200,000 Israelis protested throughout the country on Saturday.

They will fix this if they want to fix it. Israel doesn’t have all of the “human rights” nonsense that the Jews force on other countries, because Jews are well aware of how it destroys societies.

A good way to understand this is that if the Jews do make their move to completely dominate the entire planet under a brutal, satanic Jewish regime, they will no longer need Israel to remain this insular nation.

The plans for Greater Israel, which have been outlined by Jared Kushner, involve opening the borders with Palestine and allowing free travel.

This is all such a big project, which they are rushing so fast.

Woe unto thee.

They are going to lose control.

We shall fill her cup double.

We will rip it all down.

It is written.

A fedpost from the Archangel himself.

God will see to it that their skulls are stacked in piles, like those pictures from Cambodia.

Remember that: The Lord Your God has promised you revenge.

And he has ordered you to deliver it, without mercy.