They Have To Go Back: Amnesty Costs US Taxpayers Six Times More Than Deportation

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

This is Jorge. For the low price of $65,000, he can enrich your culture.

As I’ve pointed out in multiple articles, illegal immigration is one of those issues that seems so simple, you wonder why there’s even a debate.

It’s not like legal immigration, where people can point to the law and say “It’s okay because it’s legal.” We are being asked to tolerate foreigners breaking our nation’s laws and the only arguments we hear are “Who would mow our lawns?” “Kiss those tasty tacos goodbye then” or “It would be mean to make them follow the rules.”

The apathy towards this issue and the subsequent lack of pushback given to these intruders has cost us big time. And while mestizo activists and their liberal enablers tell us how expensive it would be to send these refried beaners packing, a new study by the Center for Immigration Studies paints a much different picture.


An immigration think tank released a report that concludes it is more cost-effective to deport illegal aliens than to keep them in the U.S. The price for American taxpayers is $10,854 per illegal alien removed, compared to their average lifetime net fiscal drain of $65,292.

The estimated 11 million illegal aliens cost American taxpayers at least $746.3 billion for the entire population, according to a report by Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) director of research, Dr. Steven A. Camarota. By factoring in the “net present value” concept utilized by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS), Camarota estimates the total lifetime cost to taxpayers to be in the $1.4 – $1.5 trillion range.

Sure that might sound like a lot of money, but is there really anything better it could be spent on?

This could be us, but we had to pick up the tab for Lupita and her 8 kids.

CIS reports “The fiscal cost created by illegal immigrants of $746.3 billion compares to total a cost of deportation of $124.1 billion, assuming an FY 2016 cost per deportation, or $67.6 billion using FY 2012 deportation costs.”

Camarota determined the average lifetime net fiscal drain by looking at the taxes paid by the average illegal immigrant minus the services they use. This figure does not include the costs for their children or descendants. Looking at their descendants “adds $16,998 to the net fiscal drain.

So we’re basically subsidizing an invasion and picking up the tab for our own displacement. As enraging as it is to learn that we’re paying for people who aren’t supposed to be here, it’s even more frustrating that there isn’t a harsher and much more forceful backlash. Taxpayers should be up in arms that we’re paying even one cent for this!

Perhaps it’s because this is being paid out of the collective pool of taxpayer money, which is kind of impersonal and doesn’t seem real to people. If you got a $65,000 bill in the mail for each one of Jose and Maria’s 18 anchor babies, you’d be fuming.

Taxpayer money well-spent.

This alone should be enough for people to lose their minds. But unfortunately it’s not.

Realities like this contribute to the underlying cynicism that a lot of younger white people have nowadays. If you’re a millennial reading this, chances are you went to college like your parents told you, got yourself in tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debts (which you’ll spend most if not all of your life paying off) for a degree that maybe gets you a job where you make under $40K a year. You make 20% less than the Boomers did while the price of living keeps going up, ensuring that you’ll never own that home with a white picket fence and instead be housed in an overpriced shitbox apartment surrounded by the brown hordes. You’re working long hours to get by while paying into a system that you get nothing out of.

Can’t afford a family but at least my Linkedin profile is pretty sweet.

Don’t worry, though. You might never get social security or any other benefits. But the Gonzales family that snuck into the country will make sure to put them to good use.

Gracias, gringo.

It’s no wonder people are rejecting limp-dick conservatism and coming to our side in droves. Fortunately the time for teddy bears at the border is over.

Cuck Hall of Fame MVP Moment of the Year 2016

A system where we pay to be replaced is untenable. Either we start sending them back, or we kiss any semblance of a livable future for us and our children goodbye.

The humane and cost-effective solution.