They Found the Votes: Murphy Declared “Winner” in New Jersey

The media called it.

If the Democrats want to, they will always find the votes they need. This was always an issue in New Jersey, but now, the mail-in ballot system ensures it.

Nonetheless, the media is reporting this as a big loss for the Democrats.

NBC News:

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy survived a closer-than-expected race to win a second term in New Jersey, NBC News projected Wednesday, offering more proof that Republicans are gaining ground in blue states as the 2022 midterm elections approach.

Murphy fended off a challenge from GOP nominee Jack Ciattarelli, a businessman and former state legislator who campaigned on lowering property taxes and relaxing Covid-19 restrictions. He is the state’s first Democratic governor to be re-elected in more than 40 years.

The thin margin — combined with Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race — indicates trouble for President Joe Biden and Democrats nationally, members of both parties said Wednesday. Biden and congressional Democrats have struggled to pass a legislative agenda. And the results in New Jersey and Virginia suggest that voters aren’t moved by broad-brush efforts to link all Republicans to former President Donald Trump.

They’ve not only “struggled to pass an agenda,” they’ve completely failed to present any kind of coherent vision of what they intend to do beyond “we’re not Donald Trump.”

Insofar as anyone voted for Joe Biden, or believed he won, the impression was that he was going to “lower the temperature in the country” and basically take America back to 2011 under Barack Obama, when things were more or less normal. The Biden people have done the opposite of that, making political divisions and political radicalism even more extreme than under Donald Trump.

“I was surprised, but not shocked,” former Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., told NBC News. “The Democratic Party in New Jersey, like the national party, has strayed at some distance from its base. These are the kinds of corrections that take place when a party strays from its base.”

Black voters are key to that base, Torricelli added, but Democrats have had trouble keeping intact a coalition that also includes moderate white working-class and Catholic voters. He worries the party has moved too far left on immigration and that the inability to move forward on infrastructure spending has further alienated once-reliable Democrats.

“It may not be fair to Phil Murphy, but it’s the reality of politics,” Torricelli said. “With the defeat of Donald Trump and election of Joe Biden, I think people expected something different. This has been a devastating several months to the Democratic Party, beginning in Afghanistan through the failure to pass the infrastructure bill and the sense that no one is in charge in Washington.”

I study this stuff, and I have no idea who is in charge in Washington.

Like, I have literally no idea. I can’t even point to anyone, other than I guess Susan Rice domestically and Victoria Nuland geopolitically. Rice is head of the Domestic Policy Council, and Nuland is the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs.

These are not officially top spots, and neither Rice nor Nuland is particularly visible, but these are two competent (in relative terms) Obama-era operatives, and their fingerprints are on the current directions the administration is going in.

Overall, however, I think there is just a general consensus among the entirety of establishment Washington that they’re going to do the opposite of what Trump did, or more accurately, the opposite of what Trump was portrayed by the media as doing.

They want to:

  • Flood the country with infinite amounts of immigrants
  • Promote extremist far-left and communistic social doctrines as policy
  • Destroy the economy
  • Destroy white people
  • Take away people’s freedoms and force them to submit to the state
  • Start wars

They all seem to be acting in unison, even though no one is clearly in charge.

Interestingly, Donald Trump is not being identified as a factor in the race at all.

“I think we underestimated the headwinds that Phil Murphy faced,” said Ben Dworkin, director of the Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Trump appeared to be a nonfactor. Where in Virginia he enthusiastically endorsed Youngkin and quickly claimed credit for the GOP victory Tuesday night, the former president never backed Ciattarelli. His absence helped Ciattarelli dodge Murphy’s attempts to tie them closely together.

“One of the big losers,” said Dworkin, “is Donald Trump, because Jack Ciattarrelli basically showed how you can win or almost win without Donald Trump. No endorsement. No nothing.”

Mike DuHaime, a GOP strategist who ran former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s successful campaigns, said the results show that Democrats “don’t have Trump to run against anymore.”

“Voters care about the future, not the past,” DuHaime added.

A former Trump adviser, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, saw the results in Virginia and New Jersey as a broader endorsement of Trump’s policies, if not Trump himself.

“It is now obvious,” the former adviser said, that the 2020 election was a rejection of “Trump’s personality.” This week “appears to be a complete rejection of the Democratic agenda.”

The 2020 election was a hoax. Trump won potentially every state, and definitely won more than 60% of the popular vote.

However, since his bannings from social media, Trump has spiraled into both irrelevancy and abject lunacy.

Along with shilling the vax very hard, he’s making his support for Israel his second key issue.

He’s a very different person now than he was during the campaign, and is as different from the 2016 Trump as is possible.

The only thing that remains is his personality. And he is still funny sometimes – I’ll give him that. I have to give him that. But generally, he is a blight.

Of course, the political stuff doesn’t matter anymore anyway, but it is a true shame that Trump has gone so far off of the rails, as he could just as easily be serving as a real resistance leader against this globalist and Jewish agenda.

What the Tuesday results in Virginia and New Jersey seem to mean is that most Republicans believe we’re going back to business as usual. We will just vote them out, and everything will once again return to normal. Nothing could be more wrong than that. However incompetent these Democrats are, they have total power, remaining virtually unopposed by any single institution in the country, and they are not going to give up that power peacefully.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are totally worthless anyway, and both incapable and uninterested in being champions of the people. There is no path via voting to fix this nightmare situation.

Just as an example:

Scumbag establishment Republicans who are in denial about the situation view the Biden debacle as their time to shine. Kiss a few Jews, shake a few babies, and bing-bang-boom – Our Values and Who We Are is what’s for dinner.

The system is going to spiral, it is going to crash and burn. The best thing anyone can do is stay out of its way.

Republicans still on Twitter are whining about fraud.

I’m sure it’s true. It’s simply impossible that any state in the union, let alone New Jersey, which is not even a blue state, could vote for a Democrat right now.

But what difference does it make? You’re going to stop fraud this time, after you didn’t stop it last time? When it mattered a lot more?

This is like if someone gets shot in the head and everyone just stands around doing nothing. Then an hour later, someone shoots the corpse in the foot and people say “Oh heck! Someone get this man a doctor!”