This missing bitch was really important to the tabloid media.

I kinda skipped the whole story because like, there’s only enough room in my brain to follow so many news stories.

Then you realize that this is a tactic of the news media – to fill people’s brains with meaningless drivel so that they don’t have room for the important stuff.

Anyway, I’ve literally not read one story about this, but I couldn’t avoid the headlines.

So as far as I know just from the headlines: there was a couple – heterosexual – that were doing social media videos while traveling cross-country, and then they went missing. Then the boyfriend appeared in some videos, not missing – without the girl.

Now, they’ve found the girl’s body, the assumption being that the boyfriend got sick of the bitch and decided to end her life.

I can totally see why he would want to do that.

But if you’re a social media star, and you decide to kill your girlfriend, you really need to be careful and make it look like an accident.

Like, they were traveling in Wyoming… I would have pushed her off a ledge at the Grand Canyon, then reported that she tripped. No one can ever prove that either way.

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