They Can Do a Second Lockdown If They Want

The Daily Caller, a right-wing news website co-founded by Tucker Carlson, has a poll up regarding coronavirus measures.

The results are not good.

Only 48% of readers were completely against reimposing more stringent measures now, and an entire 50% were comfortable with some of the more extreme lockdown measures being introduced – right now.

Virtually everyone voting in that is going to be somewhat right-wing. If you did a poll of the entire population, you’d have virtually 100% of Democrats supporting these measures, which would put the total at 2/3rds of the US population. This hoax campaign was astonishingly successful.

Coronavirus is a seasonal disease, and it is now almost completely gone. There are still some infections, but virtually no one is dying from it. So if half of right-wingers are now comfortable with measures being introduced, then when the virus reemerges with aggressiveness in the fall, even more will be.

The mass spending Trump has done in the wake of the lockdown has kept the economy afloat, but it is completely impossible to sustain this without going into hyperinflation. If the government would have let people feel the pain for their decisions now, there would be a lot fewer people supporting this insanity.

Donald Trump has said that he isn’t going to do a second lockdown. However, during the first lockdown, he proved beyond any doubt that he has no control over that. Furthermore, he does whatever is popular.

Despite that, he himself is apparently not very popular. A recent Fox News poll has him 12 points behind Biden.

That’s a 2% change from May.

When people say “national polls don’t matter, it’s all about the swing states,” this is of course true, but when you start getting into double digit leads on national polls, you’re getting into “likely to lose all the swing states” territory.

All of this stuff that is happening this year, the lockdown and now the revolution, are designed to transform Western civilization, but they are also designed to get Trump out of office. Trump approval polls are significantly below Black Lives Matter.

According to a recent YouGov poll, BLM has a 57% approval rating, with 27% among Republicans.

That Republican support is from Trump failing to give any kind of response whatsoever to this.

No one is pushing back, because all the figures in power with the ability to push back live in fear of this mob, which has shown clearly its ability to completely destroy people. As Tucker Carlson recently said, the impression of the public is that if no one at all pushes back against something, then that something must be good.

Donald Trump is clearly imploding. The decision that he’s made to refuse to address BLM will be the end of his political career, I think. This is the defining event of our lifetimes, which is going to transform all of our lives, and he’s sitting it out. By the time the election gets here, it will be clear to everyone just how much of an effect this is going to have on their lives, and people are going to be extremely angry that Donald Trump stood by and let this happen.

Furthermore, they will see no reason to bother going to vote, given that Trump has refused to defend them against a violent racial movement that is trying to destroy them.

Trump’s apparent belief is that the Democrats are hurting themselves by embracing this violence, so he is callously trying to “not interrupt them while they’re making a mistake.” As intuitive as it may seem that open support for mass violence would negatively affect Democrats in the elections, there is literally no evidence to support that theory. All of the data shows that instead of opposing this agenda, people are increasingly softening to it.

Again, I think this very much relates to the fact that the psychology of people is to assume that if no one pushes back, it must be good. However, I think there is also fear involved here. Basically, the message of the media is that the blacks are violent maniacs that hate white people, and they are now taking over our society in total. In that situation, the psychology for a lot of people is going to be “I’d better get on their good side so they don’t kill me.” This is the same thought process that virtually all people who are not romantics go through when their country is invaded and occupied by a foreign power. No one ever wants to be on the losing side of anything.

New coronavirus lockdowns would ensure that Trump loses the election, if that isn’t already ensured. I had wondered if the Democrats were losing on purpose, putting Old Man Biden up there, but from what I’ve seen in the last month, they have an agenda that they want to roll out and they are ready to go.

I think that’s what’s coming. I think they’re going to lock down the country in September, Trump is going to lose, and in 2021, they’re going to roll out the total agenda, which is going to be literally everything that you hate. Biden is going to choose some black woman as a VP, and she will be president before his first term ends, and everything is just going to rapidly spin into the most extreme madness you can possibly imagine.

Certainly, we need to do whatever we can to get Trump reelected. Whatever you think about Trump, we have to stop this thing that is coming. What’s more, if Trump loses, there will never be another Republican president. We’re already on the verge of that now, because of demographics, but the Democrats are going to give amnesty to 30-50 million Mexicans, and there won’t even be a contest after that.

You need to get ready, whatever the case. If possible, you need a place outside of the city. The further you are from the metropolis, the safer you will be. Even distant suburbs are better than the city proper. Further out is better than that. If you don’t have the money to buy a house in the country, you can build a shack or use tents or a camper. Maybe you can talk to friends or family members about going together to buy a piece of land. There is no way you will regret having that place to go.

Things will eventually get better. What they are implementing can’t last forever. But things are going to get worse than you can even imagine before they get better. Beyond getting a place outside of the city, you should really try to network with people in real life as much as you can. Call your family members as well.

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You’re going to need people you can count on as this develops, because these people are not going to stop until their system implodes in on itself.

I’ve told you, and I will keep telling you: you need to be as prepared as you can be now, before it gets insane. You will not regret anything you do to be more prepared.