They are Going to Keep Reducing Policing, They are Going to Allow Blacks to Kill Whites

Over the weekend, a man stole a car in Burnsville, Minnesota.

He was being followed by police, and shooting out the back window of the car at them.

He then for some reason ditched the car (unclear why), ran out onto the highway and tried to commandeer a new car by stopping traffic and pointing his gun at the first car that drove by. The driver veered into the grass. Pretty amazing helicopter footage.

The guy was shot by the cops.

But the really amazing thing is this – a bunch of white millennials, mostly women, organized a rally for him. They kneeled in a moment of silence in the road.

They were then prepared to march to the scene of the shooting, but then decided not to.

However, some white women are still out there saying that it is wrong of cops to shoot back if a black person opens fire on them or tries to hurt random civilians.

(That might actually be a tranny – who can tell anymore? – but the point stands.)

It was initially believed that they canceled the march because they found out the man who was shot was a violent car-jacker. However, as it turns out: the violent car-jacker was white. That’s why they canceled the march.

If the shooter had been black, the presumably would have went ahead with the march, claiming that even if blacks commit violent crimes, they should not be punished.

The new thinking is this: somehow the existence of cops causes black people to do crimes.

That is literally what they are now arguing.

If you’re having difficulty understanding the logic of it – just give up. There is no logic. It is just the only explanation they can give for this movement they’ve created. The fact is, police have completely backed off of policing black people. These white women got their wish – blacks are now killing each other at insane levels, and no one is trying to stop them (BASED?).

But, when blacks start getting involved with white people, stealing their cars, pointing guns at them, whatever, the police still think they’re supposed to do something to stop them. Obviously, white women disagree with that. The only thing to do now is simply stop policing altogether. And that is what they’re calling for.

Never forget this tweet:

That is a sitting Congresswog saying that the cops should be abolished and the prisons should all be opened up.

At one of these marches, I saw a black say, “just free everybody!”

If the plan was really just to totally abolish all forms of government police, I would support that. White people would in a quick and orderly fashion form neighborhood patrols, and probably do a much better job than the cops at keeping people safe. It could be like the old days, where if someone got caught driving a bit drunk, the watch would just follow them home. They wouldn’t go around beating up teenagers for having a bit of fun.

The blacks would remain in their own neighborhoods, until they were all dead.

But of course, as we’ve discussed many times, the goal of all of these anti-police movements is to attack white people. Maybe not everyone in the movements know that. But that is what is going on. They want to remove protections from whites, so that blacks are allowed to kill whites. Of course, if whites fight back – well, there will still be police to stop them from doing that.

This is a real headline from a month ago in The Guardian:

It’s not satire.

They are not going to rethink this, because no one thought it through in the first place – this was all just a narrative fed to people by the establishment media. A certain portion of the population will simply accept whatever the media says as true, and they will act to support the media’s agenda, without understanding the consequences or the agenda behind it. If you attempt to explain any of this to them, they will just target you for attack.

They are going to continue to push for less and less policing, while continuing to encourage cops to target whites.

The cops themselves don’t really care. We have seen that they do not care. No cop defended Derek Chauvin. What would have made sense would be for cops to go on strike as a result of the arrest of Chauvin, and show America what it means to have no cops.

But they didn’t. Instead, cops went to arrest Derek Chauvin. Just as they were ordered to.

In North Carolina last week, cops arrested Jonathan Petland for pushing a black male who was loitering in his front yard. This was clearly a setup, where a group of blacks went into a white neighborhood to agitate the citizenry for the purpose of getting someone to get angry, so they could post video on the internet and create an outrage.

Not only did the cops arrest Petland, the Sheriff gave a speech talking about how much he hates racists.

This is to say: both factors are totally locked in here.

  • These white women and soy millennials are going to keep demanding policing be reduced, and
  • The cops are going to keep doing everything they are told.

This can only go one place.

This is why I keep telling you: get out of the city.

Go to a small town. Get to know people. Don’t start hailing Hitler or anything weird, just get to know people, be a pillar of the community. If you do that, then when the rug gets pulled, you’ll be able to organize people to defend your town.

That is the only hope you have.

This article was updated to reflect the fact that the Minnesota car-jacker was white, and that this is why the protest was canceled.