“They All Look the Same to Me”: BBC Shows Footage of LeBron James After Kobe Bryant’s Death

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2020

Who would have thought the death of Kobe Bryant would be so hilarious?

2020 truly blesses us with its blessings.

An MSNBC newsbitch literally called Kobe a nigger, while the BBC implied the same.

The Sun:

Bungling BBC news bosses reported on basketball superstar Kobe Bryant’s tragic death – by using footage of LeBron James by mistake.

The News At 10’s top story was about Bryant’s fatal helicopter crash, which also claimed the life of his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

However, while detailing Kobe’s record-breaking achievements, the report showed highlights of fellow Lakers ace LeBron – who broke down when he heard the news – in action.

The pair are the biggest stars of NBA in the last 20 years both earning mega-fortunes on and off the court.

Not surprisingly the glaring error hasn’t gone down well with fans.

One tweeted: “Can’t believe BBC News just played clips of Lebron James during the Kobe Bryant report…”

Another added: “Dear BBC News, you appear to have  inserted clips of LeBron James into your tribute package for Kobe Bryant for no apparent reason …”

One fan wrote: “BBC have managed to show two clips of LeBron James during Kobe’s obituary. Absolutely appalling.”

This is very clearly an “all blacks look the same to me” situation.

Though you would think that the clips would be labeled. Given that we are in the digital age, you would have to drag and drop a file named “LeBron James Highlights” to be played during the segment.

But I suppose the British hear “LeBron” or “Kobe” and just register it as “nonsense niggername.”

BBC producers literally think of every African-American as “Niggername McNiggerface.”

I hope that in 75 years, the Prime Minister of the UK is still apologizing for this horrible tragedy.

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