These People are Doing Bad Things to You on Purpose

All of these news articles about Brandon’s bad poll numbers are actually pro-Brandon articles designed to inflate the real numbers.

The real numbers of support for the man who amazingly won the 2020 election with more votes than anyone ever in the history of the human species are now almost certainly in the single digits. It just isn’t possible that anyone can support him, other than Hasan Piker viewers.

A poll published in the Boston Herald last week had him at 22%.

But let’s see what ABC News is saying this weekend:

President Joe Biden is facing significant skepticism from the American public, with his job approval rating lagging across a range of major issues, including new lows for his handling of crime, gun violence and the economic recovery, a new ABC/Ipsos poll finds.

As the White House confronts rising and widespread concern about inflation, Americans are especially negative on how the Biden administration is managing this issue.

More than two-thirds of Americans (69%) disapprove of how Biden is handling inflation (only 28% approve) while more than half (57%) disapprove of his handling of the economic recovery. Partisan splits for inflation show expected negativity in Republican views (94% disapproving), but the survey also reveals weaknesses from Biden’s own party with only a slim majority of Democrats (54%) approving. Biden’s orbit is also hemorrhaging independent voters, with 71% disapproving of his handling of inflation.

The ABC/Ipsos poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel, reveals these rocky ratings for Biden at a time when the bulk of Americans name inflation and paying everyday bills as a top concern. Concern about inflation has eclipsed worry about the coronavirus pandemic, according to recent polls from Monmouth and AP-NORC, as Republicans continuously spotlight rising prices at the gas pump and the grocery store as a key issue for the upcoming midterm elections — likely to be a referendum on Biden’s performance.

These low job assessments in areas of high public concern have led to a new low in Biden’s overall approval rating, measured by FiveThirtyEight at 43%.

FiveThirtyEight has been infamously wrong about literally everything. It is actually virtually unbelievable that it is still cited by the media. It’s like citing Anthony Fauci about the coronavirus.

The polling analytics company is founded and run by the infamously ratty Jew liar, Nate Silver.

And it is owned by Walt Disney, the same people who brought you “The Rise of Skywalker.”

(Disney also owns ABC, which is I guess why they quote Silver.)

These are highly disreputable, lying, destructive Jews.

As for Biden himself, he told Jimmy Fallon (by video conference, because it was probably a deep fake) that he doesn’t even know what the poll numbers are, because he doesn’t look at them.

Very weird video here.

Meanwhile, on the issue of inflation – the Brandon Administration is literally claiming that printing more money will fix inflation.

ABC News:

President Joe Biden has weighed in on the Department of Labor report out Friday that shows the consumer price index, which measures the prices consumers pay for a market basket of everyday goods and services, climbed at its fastest rate in nearly 40 years.

“It matters to people when you’re paying more for gas, although in some states we’ve got the price down below three bucks a gallon. But the point is, it’s not gone down quickly enough, but I think it will,” Biden said at the end of his remarks closing out the Summit for Democracy on Friday.

The White House — trying to walk a fine line — acknowledged that Americans’ wallets are taking a hit but that the increased prices will not last forever. The Biden administration also used the new numbers as an opportunity to tout the “Build Back Better” social spending plan, which it says will ease the financial squeeze many are facing despite good signs from other economic indicators.

“Every other aspect of the economy is racing ahead. It’s doing incredibly well. We’ve never had this kind of growth in 60 years,” Biden said.

These are deranged, lunatic claims.

Claiming that the economy has never been doing better while you’re in the middle of the biggest money printing operation ever in a first world country is like smoking a whole rock of meth and saying “my energy levels are doing incredibly well. I’ve never had this kind of alertness in 60 years.”

You come down off drug highs. There’s what you call a “crash.” The same is true for a financial policy based on inflation.

When you are printing money to solve problems created by printing money, you’ve entered a death spiral that can only end in hyperinflation.

People attacked me, as they always do, when I said at the beginning of the virus hoax that this was going to lead to a death spiral of hyperinflation, telling me about the fact that the US dollar being the world reserve currency means that hyperinflation is impossible.

Well, friend – if that was true, then why hasn’t the US government been doubling the supply of dollars every two years since 1971? They just never thought of it? Because according to these people running the government right now, it is working really well and creating the greatest economy ever in history.

To push the above analogy: it’s like someone smoking meth for the first time and saying “this makes me feel great and makes everything move so much faster! Why haven’t I been smoking this since I was a baby???”

Never forget: the Brandon Administration is definitely incompetent, but this inflation thing is on purpose. It would be physically impossible to pay off the debt through tax revenue or any other source of income, so they are choosing to default via inflation.

That’s just very simple math.

The only reason that people don’t know it is because the media won’t talk about it. Instead, you have Jim Cramer, another great example of “failing up.” (The guy has literally never been right about anything, and when Elon tried to crash Bitcoin and he told people to sell, I said “THAT’S A BUY SIGNAL – ALWAYS DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT JIM CRAMER SAYS.” And of course, I was right again, and Bitcoin shortly hit a new all time high, and even after the last dump remains higher than when Cramer told you to sell.)

People just live in a vacuum of inaccurate information, with an extremely advanced – and totally censored – media apparatus telling them the exact opposite of what is true, 24/7.

The other part of the inflation plan is to crush the quality of living in the first world. They are doing that on purpose. They don’t want you to have jobs, they don’t want you to have houses. Automation is progressing rapidly, and the ruling elite simply do not see a reason for all of these people to exist on the earth.


  • They are sterilizing you and destroying your health with vaccines
  • They are collapsing your economy with pandemic hoaxes
  • They are shutting off the energy
  • They are destroying supply lines
  • They are using inflation to make it so you can’t buy anything
  • They are setting up “UBI” systems and free housing schemes to get you dependent on the government for your livelihood

All of this is being presented as temporary – measures to deal with the fake crisis they hoaxed.

But you will get used to it.

When you are used to it, then you will accept it as permanent.

Then they will come out and tell you that it has to be permanent, because of the alleged global warming crisis.

I don’t think Brandon being this unpopular and having literally not one single popular figure in the Democrat Party was part of the plan (at all), but that can easily be fixed with Australia-tier tyranny, which is coming very rapidly.

Do You See What I’m Doing Here?

I’m making predictions, but I’m walking you through the logic of why I am making these predictions.

I am not prophesying.

I’m explaining, based on the facts that we have, why the next thing will happen after the next thing.

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive article, and I didn’t go into the fact that the people at the World Economic Forum and elsewhere are literally saying that they are going to do all of this to you. But I’ve done that before and I do it regularly.

Since March of 2020, I have told you basically every single thing that would happen before it happened. It’s actually amazing. This is all on record, and some future historian is going to make an “Anglin Predictions” chrestomathy.

But none of it was prophecy, none of it was guessing. It was all just looking at the facts, looking at the statements from the people who would know, and playing it out. I’ve always, always, always, explained to you why I made the predictions I made.

Any of you could have followed this and figured it all out without having to trust me on anything.

But at this point, if you can’t follow it, then I would advise you to just trust me.


Hyperinflation is not something I think is exceedingly imminent.

The monetization of assets is being managed by super AI, and they are probably going to be able to manage a slow decline.

Unless Xuan-Yuan decides it’s time to take back what’s his, in which case all bets are off.