These New Irish People Sure are Good Dancers

Patrick O’Brian
White Genocide Project
December 19, 2014

Welcome to Ireland, Mr. Negro.  You now control Ireland.
Welcome to Ireland, Mr. Negro. You now control Ireland.

The anti-White establishment in Ireland is working overtime to convince the indigenous White Irish people that “diversity” (aka turning traditionally White countries not White) is not only inevitable, it’s cool, vibrant and all the kids will love it.

This piece of anti-White promoting agitprop rehashes the age old, banal genocidal meme of the “inevitable mixed race future.” Notice how the indigenous White Irish musicians are presented as old and archaic while the “New Irish” (the Africans and mixed race) are portrayed as youthful, energetic, athletic and the future–at least in the eyes of the anti-Whites.

The anti-White establishment are constantly trying to dress up the genocidal conditions they are FORCING upon us as “vibrant” and “edgy” but in reality they are nothing more than a genocidal SCAM against White people.

Make no mistake, this “advert” is part of the White genocide agenda, after all what better way to get rid of a group of people than to persuade them it’s a fun idea!

The policies that are being forced across the globe in EVERY traditionally White country are evil. They are:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

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