These “Joe Biden Plans” Headlines are Killing Me

Most of the headlines about alleged decisions by “Joe Biden” are framed as “The Biden Team.” I know what that is – it is a council of people, primarily Jews, who surround Biden and made all of these decisions.

Consider, for example, this Washington Post headline:

I can easily picture this happening in real life – a bunch of people on the Biden team putting together a statement saying “blah blah coronavirus blah blah blah Donald Trump!”

However, when it gets weird is when the subject moves from Biden’s team to Biden himself.

The headlines stop being plausible or even comprehensible.

Look at this one from The Week:

Can you picture Joe Biden understanding, let alone becoming frustrated over, a complex political issue?

This line from POLITICO was even worse:

Can you picture Joe Biden dressing himself, let alone dressing someone down?

Obviously, you can’t. No one can picture Joe Biden doing anything other than wandering around, mumbling. He can’t do interviews, he can’t make public statements, he is barely capable of coherent speech.

Probably, that’s how we’re supposed to believe he became the most popular politician in the history of the entire human race. “This guy doesn’t even know what’s going on,” people thought, “how much damage can he really do?”

If I were running the media, I would stick to talking about Joe Biden’s team, rather than Joe Biden the individual, because that way, you keep people from remembering that the incoming president is a literal vegetable.

It’s going to be something else to try to watch these Democrats rule through this vegetable, and I do suspect that they will be rather quick to remove him and replace him with Kamala Harris.