These Conservatives are Just Going on and on About Antifa…

Jack Posobiec is doing really great and important work investigating the Antifa, because people really need to learn about the fact that Antifa is bad. We need people to just keep spending more and more time talking about how bad they are, so we can convince conservatives that Antifa is bad. Then when conservatives know that Antifa is bad, they’ll vote for Republicans who will… well, Republicans won’t do anything about it, but the important thing is that conservatives learn that Antifa is a bunch of triggered snowflakes.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m being sarcastic.

This thing that these conservative pundits are doing talking about Antifa all the time is idiotic, and it is the most malicious waste of time in all of humanity’s entire storied history.

No single person needs to learn that Antifa is bad. Everyone has already reached their conclusions on this topic. People have to stop acting like confronting these leftists is somehow important in any way. It’s just a stupid circus sideshow. What is even supposed to be the point of it?

All of our energy right now should be poured into protesting the Republicans and demanding that they do something about what is going on. That’s it. All of the rest of this is just entertainment media, and at this point, it isn’t even entertaining. I’ve known about triggered snowflakes since 2015, and my giggle meter is empty. Instead, I’m really concerned about the fact that the blacks are about to start slaughtering white people, and I want the Republicans to do something to stop that from happening.

Last week, Posobiec was “assaulted” by an Antifa, and this is the whole thing with these conservative retards left in the mainstream – they just want to do viral stunts. This is no different than Joey Salads’ prank videos, and it is actually less important in the grand scheme of things.

Sleazy gook pervert and devout neo-Nazi radical Ian Miles Cheong wrote a long thing about it for the Post Millennial, whining, going into detail about the abuse suffered.

One America News journalist Jack Posobiec was assaulted by Antifa insurgents at the demonstration to topple the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park, in Washington DC.

On Friday evening, hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa insurgents gathered in Lincoln Park in Washington DC to attempt to topple the 144-year-old statue, which was fully funded by former slaves and black Union Army veterans to commemorate President Lincoln’s abolition of slavery.

Also present at the demonstration were several counter-protestors, including an elderly black man who appeared to be a historical tour guide for Capital Buddy Tours, who beseeched the mob not to tear down the historical monument. The man was physically accosted several times by an Antifa member who attempted to prevent him from speaking.

He was repeatedly shouted over by Antifa members, who yelled empty slogans like “No Justice, No Peace” without any care or understanding about the monument they planned to destroy. One female insurgent stated that the man was “not ready for the change” and that he was standing on the wrong side of history by preventing the monument’s destruction.

He just goes on for another six million words, describing this event in detail. This is a standard conservative response to our current situation.

Cheong was part of a Brazilian Hitler experiment to cross a fish and an opossum to create the ultimate race soldier of the Fourth Reich. The experiment failed.
Jack Posobiec is also a virulent neo-Nazi and Jew-lover.

If you go through the Twitter feeds of any of the people who are supposed to be defending the people, it’s just nonstop “LOOK AT WHAT THE ANTIFA SNOWFLAKES ARE UP TO NOW – THEY’RE TRIGGERED!”

Go look at any of their feeds. None of them are attacking the Republicans for not doing anything. There should be an organized campaign, yet these people won’t even mention the issue.

Go check the National Review, Washington Examiner, The Blaze, Red State, Breitbart, whatever. It’s all the same.

All that any of these people do now is talk about Antifa. None of them ever explain why. Andy Ngo makes sure that everyone knows that Antifa exists and is doing all of these things they’re doing. We understand. We do not need every single conservative pundit to be doing 24/7 Antifa outrage porn.

The fact of reality is that it is time wasting filler that these people are being told to focus on to distract people from what is actually important, which is the fact that the Republicans refuse to defend us.

Imagine if the Chinese army was invading America, and the US Government refuse to deploy the American military to fight against them, and were instead going out and celebrating special Chinese holidays and saying that the Chinese have a point.

Then imagine in that situation that instead of telling the government to do something, the conservatives in the media were just running around obsessively talking about how bad the Chinese are and going out and trying to interview the Chinese soldiers and getting beat up, while refusing to mention the fact that the US Government is refusing to deploy the military.

I don’t even know how to make an analogy here, because the situation is so bizarre. Maybe we should talk about a situation where an elementary school classroom gets invaded by a child molester and the molester is going around the room chasing the boys and groping them, and the teacher is saying, “well, he has genuine concerns that we need to consider with regards to age of consent laws disproportionately affecting the homosexual community…”?

After a solid month of pure insanity, the president is finally talking about the situation.

Apparently, the only reason he is doing that is because Tucker Carlson pushed him. No one else is pushing him. And he’s still not doing anything. These people are going around the entire country creating mass mayhem and destruction, and the Justice Department is refusing to press charges. They finally charged people for attempting to tear down a monument in D.C., but this was clearly just designed to give the impression they’re doing something, while they actually do nothing.

There are thousands of people who they could identify using their facial recognition technology and charge with a crime that Trump says he can put someone away for ten years for, and they are not bringing any charges. Trump signed an executive order to increase the sentence for vandalism of federal monuments, but no one is even getting arrested for it.

There are riots, attacks and just general bedlam across the country, and all of the state and local governments are either doing nothing at all or actively supporting it.

They’re actually laughing in our faces, refusing to charge even those that they arrest. The rule of law is being mocked, the dignity of the people is being mocked.

As just one example of what is going on in one city, in Columbus, Ohio, Jewish Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein has thrown out all charges against black and Antifa rioters while he’s pushing for mass prosecution of “COVID violators.” He is shockingly claiming that police were not told to stand down as citizens were mob attacked by the rioters, even whilst the chief of police is openly saying he was ordered to stand down by Klein. The State House Speaker is attempting to have the government buildings in the center of the city be declared an independent city so he can get his own cops to defend them from bombardment.

Every city in the nation has a similar story, and the Justice Department is nowhere to be found. National Republican leaders are nowhere to be found. Up until this week, Donald Trump himself was nowhere to be found. We need leadership! We need a national agenda and response to this!

The house is literally and figuratively on fire!

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is focusing on prosecuting the guy who got Donald Trump elected.

This situation is INSANE. Anyone who is prioritizing talking about the behavior of Antifa over talking about the fact that the Republican government officials refuse to do anything about Antifa is a SHILL.