These “Armed Protesters” Showing Up at Anti-Lockdown Rallies are Making a Mockery of the Concerns of the People

Last week, I called for all of my readers to attend the anti-lockdown protests. If there are none in your area, organize one yourself.

One reader responded by saying he was afraid that he would be killed at a protest.

He wrote:

I don’t know, bud. In Odessa, TX (which is HARD people) the badge niggers rolled up in an APC with a cop top mounted with a rifle telling the protestors not to move their hands and keep them where they can see them. One of those dudes reaches in his jacket for a cig and they’ll get lit up like a bunch of Hajis at a goat BBQ. The cops are in hair trigger finger mode right now.

People are going to start getting killed at these protests.

This is the video of that event, which he included in his fear-post:

That was a situation where a woman who owned a bar posted on Facebook that she wanted men with guns to come stand outside of her bar while it opened against the lockdown order.


A bar owner and armed protesters were arrested in western Texas after the bar reopened despite the governor’s orders to remain closed as the state continues to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis told the Odessa American that authorities on Monday apprehended Gabrielle Ellison, the 47-year-old owner of Big Daddy Zane’s Bar, in West Odessa for violating Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s order that prohibits drinking establishments from opening until mid-May.

Six men who had loaded “AR-15 type weapons” were also arrested for possessing firearms on a licensed property, Griffis said, adding that one observer was detained for interfering with a peace officer’s duties.

These guys were all dressed up like Billy Badass.

So of course the cops came with weapons drawn to arrest them. When you arrest people who have firearms, you do so with your guns drawn. I assume everyone is aware of this fact, and the reasons for it are self-explanatory.

The men put their hands up, and surrendered.

Not such HARD people now, huh?

What was the point of the guns? If you go out with guns, the implication is that you’re ready for a shootout with the cops. There is nothing more dumb and pathetic than bringing out your rifles and all your gear, pretending you’re ready for a shootout with the cops, then getting arrested and saying “yes officer” when you’re told to put your gun on the ground.

The only thing that would have been dumber is if they got in a shootout with the cops. But at least then you would have understood why they brought guns. In this situation, you have literally no idea. It is just baffling and bizarre.

If you weren’t ready for a shootout with the police, why did you bring a gun? What is the purpose of having the gun?

No one knows and these Facebook people have never explained it.

But it is an obvious fact that the guns serve no clear purpose, and it is further obvious that you weaken your protest by having guns. You make yourself less sympathetic, and you look less serious.

Presumably, the only possible explanation is this: they wanted to look cool. But was looking cool worth getting arrested and getting the bar shut down – given that the cops probably would have ignored the opening if the woman hadn’t posted on Facebook that she had armed people guarding her, implying she was planning a shootout with the cops?

This is what the sheriff said:

“I understand their side of it,” said Griffis. “Defying the governor’s orders is one thing, but when you bring a bunch of armed vigilantes in from other parts of the state for a show of force, I just got a problem with that.”

He was sympathetic to them. He probably would have refused to close the bar. But by bringing guns, they forced his hand.

This kind of self-sabotage is inherent in all of these “armed protests.” It is prioritizing looking cool and getting your picture on a news website above the protest itself.

I do think the sentiment of the reader, who claimed that he wouldn’t attend a protest because he is so scared, is inexcusable cowardice, and I think if that is how you feel right now, you need to go ahead and drop out, because resisting this government is not going to get any easier from here on out. You definitely don’t need to be posting on websites to spread your cowardice to others. That kind of fear is infectious, and it is the very last thing we need right now at the very beginning of this.

However, this fear-post does bring attention to the issue of armed protests, which I was obviously not talking about, and his own fear is likely shared by a lot of normal people, which is yet another reason these armed protests are so retarded. Bringing guns to a protest absolutely does raise the level of danger involved for literally no reason.

People have been bringing guns to anti-lockdown protests across the country.

Most notably, they brought guns into the Michigan capitol.

Another armed protest took place in North Carolina over the weekend.

I am baffled by the fact that so many people seem to look at these people as if this is somehow normal.

It is not normal.

It is inexplicable.

This “bring your AR-15 to a protest” thing started with Facebook groups. There is no history of this in America, or anywhere else. The first instance of it that I can find was during Obama’s first term, at a protest that was organized on Facebook. But it didn’t really become a popular thing before the last few years.

We have a long history of passionate protests in this country, and we have never brought guns to these protests.

Only the modern, totally emasculated man could ever think up something like bringing guns to a protest against a government lockdown. It’s a way for men who feel powerless to feel powerful. It’s sad that the modern man is so pathetic he has to resort to this kind of queer gimmickry, but we currently have bigger problems to deal with.

In the gun safety classes that most Americans still go through as kids, the very first thing you learn is this: “never point your gun at someone unless you plan to shoot them, never shoot someone unless you plan to kill them.” This same children’s lesson can be applied to bringing a gun outside of your house: “never bring a gun somewhere unless you might have to use it.”

This Creates Astonishing Risks

The message these people are sending by bringing rifles to protests is that they might have to shoot the cops. This is so insane that it’s difficult to even qualify. If one of these men fired on cops inside of the Michigan capitol building, this is what would happen:

  • The cops would fire back, killing everyone who was holding a gun and presumably killing many others as well.
  • Everyone associated with “armed protest” groups, everyone who had ever commented on the Facebook pages of these groups using their real name, would be rounded up that night and sent to federal detention.
  • Protests would be declared illegal.
  • The government would announce that there is a “right-wing terrorist movement” and that the government is hunting them. There would continue to be mass arrests for the foreseeable future.
  • Gun control legislation would be rushed through, and people would be ordered to hand over their weapons.
  • There would be door-to-door gun confiscations of anyone who is known to own or is suspected to own an AR-15 style rifle.

The media would hype all of this up as totally necessary, and the people would go along with it.

Everyone who thinks about this knows that I’m right. Something like this scenario I’ve outlined would have happened before the lockdown, but now that we’re in the lockdown and people’s rights have already been removed, it would just be the most brutal thing you can imagine, where before you can blink you hear someone shoot your dog and your door is getting kicked in by a fed SWAT team.

What allowing these freaks at protests also means is that a fed can very easily sneak in a provocateur and cause all of those events I listed to happen.

This Guarantees You’re the First One Raided

These are the stakes that these people are creating by bringing guns to these protests. The benefits of it are completely unclear. If they’re not planning on shooting anyone, then why do they have guns?

The answer some people who haven’t really thought this through will give is that they are showing that they will fight at some point in the future “if it comes down to it.” Firstly, I don’t know what “if it comes down to it” means. Secondly, there is not one serious person in the country who is planning to fight a war against the government who would show up at a protest carrying their weapon like this.

Anyone who shows up at one of these protests carrying a gun is going to be put on a list. Their face is going to be run through a database, they will be identified, and they will be the first people raided by the feds if any kind of civil unrest begins. They will have their guns taken and they will be detained indefinitely.

If you were actually the type of person who is planning to resist the government in the future after some undefined “line” is crossed, the very last thing you would ever do is show up at a protest holding a rifle.

As we can now see that this lockdown is part of a larger agenda of the federal government, there is clearly an eventuality where they do preemptively seize the weapons of people they think are likely to give them trouble. These retards put themselves at the top of that list.

Organizing a war against the government is fundamentally retarded on the face of it, but the idea that when the government sends a SWAT team to confiscate your guns you’re going to make a stand and fight back is beyond retarded. These people will put their hands up and surrender, or they will be shot dead. There is a good chance they will be shot dead either way. Their dogs won’t even have a chance.

Having Armed Men Present Greatly Diminishes the Effectiveness of These Protests

I don’t think all the people doing this are feds. I think a lot of them are legitimate retards, who simply don’t know why they’re doing it, other than that it makes them feel like real big men. But as I’ve said, this concept came from Facebook groups, and I believe it is feds in these groups that are promoting this idiocy.

The media is now defining lockdown protests by these gun people, which virtually all people recognize as anti-social weirdos. Even though it’s not even 1% of protesters that are carrying guns, all of these protests are labeled “armed protests.” So a normal person who simply wants to show that they are fed up with this lockdown is not able to do so. These armed protesters take away the rights of all of us to protest normally. A normal man’s only option is to be grouped in with these insecure weirdos who are using the protests as a platform to boost their self-esteem.

This is effectively neutering the entire protest movement. It not only allows the media and people like Gretchen Whitmer to frame the protesters as unhinged kooks, but also keeps away normal people who would otherwise attend.

Imagine if homosexuals showed up to these protests in BDSM gear, and even though there were only a handful of people in BDSM gear at the protests, the media only ever showed people in BDSM gear and referred to the protests as “homosexual BDSM protests against the lockdown.”

That would certainly change the tone of the protests, right? It would certainly limit who would want to attend, right?

And still, it would not be nearly as bad as what we have now with these “armed protesters,” because you can’t shoot someone with a leather mask.

Most people do not want to be grouped in with these army dress-up people. I don’t know what message they are trying to send, because they don’t say what message they’re trying to send and don’t appear to have even thought about it. The message appears to be that they will shoot at cops who try to break up their protest, but as we saw above, they will lay down their weapons and get arrested. Most people probably aren’t aware that they will lay down their guns and get arrested, as they are armed to the teeth looking like they are ready for a war.

This is not something that people want to bring their families to. Everyone understands that this creates an extremely volatile situation, regardless of what the ostensible message is. Allowing these freaks to come and shit all over these protests by bringing rifles and playing army dress-up limits their appeal, massively. That is obviously why they are there, whether they know it or not.

This is Not Some “Midwestern” or “Southern” Tradition

I just want to stress again, for those that are maybe confused about this: there is no history of “armed protests.” It developed during the Obama era, and it is a result of the loss of masculinity, where broken men are looking for an opportunity to feel like real men. It’s no different than a little boy dressing up like a soldier.

I am from the Midwest and I grew up around guns. I am not in any way uncomfortable with guns. Having grown up around guns, I also know that they’re not toys and that you don’t go out in full military gear unless you’re going to war. Just watch those guys lay down their guns and surrender to the cops, and then try to explain to me what the purpose of this is.

Someone asked me when I would feel it was appropriate to bring a gun to a protest, and the answer is so obvious that it hurts: it would be appropriate to bring a gun to a protest if you were planning on refusing arrest and getting into a shootout with the police. That is obviously an insane action, which no one should ever do. But that is the only time coming to a protest armed would ever make sense.

You’re Not Scaring Anyone, You’re Only Hurting America

The government is not afraid of some retard with an AR-15. What the government is afraid of is hundreds of thousands of people being out on the street, demanding the government give the people back their freedom.

You could have millions of people on the street in the future. The sky is the limit. When people figure out what the government has done, collapsing the economy like this over a hoax, they are going to be outraged. What these gun people do is make all normal people question whether they want to be a part of the protest. That is why feds go into Facebook groups and encourage low IQ people, who have no idea what is even going on, to go to these protests and bring their guns.

It is inexcusable what these people are doing, damaging this rising movement by chasing people away from it. We have to address this. If these people want to have army dress-up protests, they should have their own protests somewhere outside of the normal American protests, by normal people who simply want their freedoms.

The government cannot stop millions of people. There are a whole lot more of us than there are of them. We can bring down this system peacefully if we can get millions of people on our side. Conversely, we cannot possibly fight the government with guns. So the only possible solution is a peaceful solution. These gun people are damaging our ability to do that. They are hurting America for their own selfish purposes of wanting to feel like big badass soldiers.

Spread This Information, Tell the People

These protests are not being organized by people who are carrying guns. The issue is that white people are nice, and they don’t want to tell someone off if they think they might have good intentions. We need to spread awareness of the fact that these people do not have good intentions. They are putting everyone at these protests at risk of being killed by cops. More importantly, they are damaging the entire movement. They are setting us all up for potential mass gun confiscation.

We are doing something very serious with these protests, and we should not allow these weird people to turn it into a stupid kids’ game. You all need to go to these protests, you need to tell the organizers what I’ve written here and you need to get them to agree to ban gun people. They can of course come anyway, you can’t keep them out, but if people understand that they are hurting these protests for their own selfish reasons, they will shout them down and tell them to go home, or go have their own protest somewhere else.

Readers should also be organizing their own protests, using Facebook or whatever other methods, and including in their own rules that these army dress-up people are not welcome. Eventually, an understanding of this will spread, and these people will stop showing up, and people who are encouraging this will be looked at with increased scrutiny.

Normies know the word “plant,” so you might want to use that in your statements to the organizers about these armed protesters. The organizers and attendees of these rallies are already saying that the virus is a hoax designed to take everyone’s rights away, so they’re not going to have a hard time buying the fact that the government is encouraging people to bring guns to these rallies as a way to sabotage them, and potentially create a shootout.

As always, you’re welcome to copy anything I’ve written here without attribution, and do whatever you wish with it.