These are Your Women, White Man – #YesAllWomen

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2015

Okay, so we had a break from the feminism discussion, now it’s back.

Here is a video proving that your worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females.

This is real life.  White women announcing they will cheat on their boyfriends, then proceeding to make out with monkeys.  Video is from Panama City Beach, the same place where these monkeys are getting charged with gang-rape for a video that was filmed in front of hundreds of people – at least half of those hundreds would have been women.

You can say “these are a few bad apples,” and “#notallwomen,” but the reality is something very different.  Women respond to stimuli, and shape their own behavior based on this stimuli.  So if White men fail to control their women – and they have failed miserably – this is what will happen to all of them.  They revert almost immediately to a feral state.

Watch the video then watch it again, and then come and try to tell me that women deserve “rights.”  They should be thankful they don’t literally get locked in cages.

But just to be 100% clear, I do blame men for this behavior of these women.  It is our fault for accepting the absolutely nonsensical Jew idea that women are capable of making their own decisions.   Because if you allow for that idea, then this is what you get – a bunch of sluts making out with monkeys on a beach, while you’re at home thinking romantic thoughts about what kind of house you are going to buy for your independent-minded princess.

Grow up, White Man.