Theresa May Says Words on the Internet Cause Terrorism, Shut It Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2017

The ideology of the Western system is that no individual is responsible for their behavior, especially not brown people (or women).

True responsibility lies not with people, but with ideas.

And so the solution to endemic behavioral troubles among a specific demographic is to limit access to ideas.


British Prime Minister Theresa May called on fellow G7 leaders to put more pressure on tech firms to prevent extremists from operating online with impunity while reaffirming the UK’s commitment in the fight against global terrorism.

Her speech at the G7 summit in Sicily on Friday followed a campaign address made by Jeremy Corbyn, in which the Labour leader linked Britain’s foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa with the rise of domestic terrorism.

May wasted no time returning to campaign mode when asked about Corbyn’s controversial comments.

“There can never ever be an excuse for terrorism and there is no excuse for what happened in Manchester,” May said.

Yeah but Theresa, blaming Middle Eastern war policy is not different than blaming a free internet when it comes to “making excuses.”

In fact, if our choices are:

  1. They do it because the West starts wars in their home countries for the Jews, or
  2. They do it because they have free access to information on the internet

The former is the better excuse.

But both of them are making excuses for a population that is openly at war with us.

She addressed the British public with a clear choice on election day: A vote for someone who “works tirelessly for the British people and their interests” or a vote for Jeremy Corbyn, who is “frankly not up to the task.”

Btw, I support Corbyn in this election.


  • Jews overwhelmingly hate him, due to his repeated calling out of the Jew state of Israel
  • He is actually genuinely anti-war (even more so than Bernie)
  • His immigration policies aren’t actually any worse than Theresa’s
  • He is not a woman
  • His brother regularly goes on Alex Jones and says kooky stuff (some of which is true)
  • He has shown more respect for the Brexit vote than Theresa
  • It doesn’t really matter that much anyway, they’re both the very bottom of the barrel, and at least Corbyn pisses off Jews
  • I am sick of seeing pictures of Theresa’s face
  • Corbyn’s insane economic policies will accelerate Britain’s decline as a world super-power
  • He will not get along nearly as well with American neocon Jews and NATO psychopaths

There are no positives with Theresa.

Their comments followed Monday night’s suicide bombing at Manchester Arena, which killed 22 and injured 116.

Many of the victims were young women and girls who had been attending an Ariana Grande concert.

Also a faggot journalist.

With a very problematic twitter history.

The only sad death was the 8-year-old.

And her parents deserved it for sending their 8-year-old to what amounts to a live interracial sex show.

Actions have consequences and God hates you all.

May chaired a joint session on counter-terrorism, where she discussed the “battlefield of the internet.”

She called for measures that will force internet giants and tech firms to deal with extremist literature and recruitment online.

Note the way these two things:

  • Literature
  • Recruitment

are just stated as part of the same phenomenon.

They’ve already effectively admitted that the latter is impossible to deal with, so they’re focusing on the former. The include the latter because it actually makes sense, in theory.

Suggestions included developing tools to identify and remove harmful materials, ordering firms to report such materials to authorities when they are published, and to revise the definition of dangerous online material.

“There are no dangerous people – only dangerous ideas.”


“The prime minister will say that the threat we face is evolving rather than disappearing as [Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL)] loses ground in Iraq and Syria.

“The fight is moving from the battlefield to the internet,” a senior government source told the Guardian.

“What she wants the G7 nations to do is to move towards a common approach focused on the need to defeat [IS].

“In particular she wants to use G7 to call for the members to adopt a collective approach when working with tech companies on this agenda, and she will say that the industry has a social responsibility to do more to remove harmful content from its networks,” the source explained.

Yes, see.

All about “content,” which is presently legal.

Not individual recruitment.

From the starting point that “radical Islamic ideology” rather than “Moslems” are to blame for terrorism, you are at war not with people, but ideas. And even if internet censorship was somehow “perfected” – which is impossible – you still wouldn’t be able to kill the ideas.

What this woman is saying is insane.

But there is not much else you can say when you’ve decided that saying “the reason we have terrorism in the West is because we have Moslems in the West” is off the table.

“They only think this way because of something they read on the internet. The solution is mass censorship.”

An interesting factoid: the attempts to “assimilate” Moslems have actually accelerated terrorism. Many of the recent attackers had “assimilated” in terms of engaging in casual sex, drugs and alcohol usage, and did the terrorist attack in order to ensure they went to heaven after having committed these sins.

And that line of thinking is straight from the Koran itself – not “extremist websites.”

So even if censorship was your solution to everything, the first thing you would be censoring is the actual Koran.

Yet no one is calling for that.

Well, we are. Sort of. I actually don’t think it should be “banned” – I think Moslems, both the races and religion should be banned. The book should be legal – it is a book.

Though we do encourage burning copies of it and posting video on the internet.

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