Theresa May Plans to “Stop Terrorism” by Taking Away the Rights of Native British

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2017

Yet another European nation has fallen into the hands of a childless careerist sellout. These people just don’t care.

This time, it is Theresa May of the Conservative Party (remember, Angela Merkel’s CDU also describes itself as conservative). She came into power with a mandate to get out of the EU and stop all immigration – the only way to stop both Islamic and everyday terrorism (like acid attacks) – and she is predictably dragging her feet on the matter.

But May has been a busy bee on other fronts, like covering up the role Jew-backed Saudi Arabia plays in financing terrorist Mosques in the UK. Israel needs her to sell the Saudis weapons to start a war with Iran, so news about their “extracurriculars” can’t reach the public.

The British government knows its enabling of rogue state Saudi Arabia and its open borders immigration policy will lead to blowback at home. The UK Home Office has been mitigating the “collateral damage” by allocating £13.4 million in security grants… only for Jews!

While Home Office makes sure Jews are safe, there apparently isn’t enough British tax-payer money for protecting the British tax-payers. Amidst two terrorist attacks in a matter of weeks and soaring levels of Negro crime, Theresa May is under siege from the public over the Conservative Party’s significant cuts to the nation’s security forces.

So in response, and with an election approaching, May has outlined a brilliant new anti-terrorism plan: take away the rights of all British people.


Theresa May has said she will change human rights laws if they “get in the way” of tackling suspected terrorists.

The PM said she would make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects and “restrict the freedom and movements” of those that present a threat.

Labour said it was “not the message that we should be sending”.

Security has dominated the final days of the general election campaign after the terror attacks in London and Manchester.

Rival parties have been criticising the Tories over police cuts.

Addressing activists in Slough on Tuesday evening, she did not make any specific new policy proposals but said: “I mean longer prison sentences for those convicted of terrorist offences.

“I mean making it easier for the authorities to deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own countries.

“And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they are a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court.

“And if our human rights laws get in the way of doing it, we will change the law so we can do it.”

In an interview with The Sun, Mrs May said she would also consider extending the time suspects can be held without charge to 28 days, after it was reduced to 14 days in 2011 under the coalition.

On the surface, this may look like a step in the right direction, but keep in mind that Theresa May personally banned the law-abiding patriotic organization National Action as a terrorist group. May has also used “national security” provisions as an excuse to ban Matthew Heimbach and Richard Spencer from entering the country!

Interesting nail polish for a 60-year-old woman there, Theresa.

These reforms will undoubtedly be used not to stop actual terrorists, but rather for Jews and their puppets to monitor and suppress the native British reaction to being murdered by invaders the British government is importing.

You can waste your time in party theatrics and pretend there’s a meaningful difference between Labour and Tory, but there isn’t.

The only relevant battlefield, the motor driving world politics is simple: Jews and counter-semites. These are the only two groups that even know what’s going on. The only two places you can find the facts is The Daily Stormer and Israeli newspapers.

Everything else in filthy and corrupt British politics might as well be Masterpiece Theater.

Which is why it would be better for the Leftist Jeremy Corbyn to get elected. Jews have been whining about Corbyn being an anti-Semite for a while now. At least he might take away some of their special Chosen people security grants and give it back to the British people. And he’s just generally better on every single foreign policy issue.

A Leftist skeptical about Jews will always be far less dangerous to the British than a kikeservative hand puppet like Theresa May. Minsk and Pyongyang are heaven on earth compared to social engineered multi-cultural atrocities like Paris, London and Berlin.

And Corbyn’s at least got three white children – a stake in Britain’s future.

In the end, neither party will do anything meaningful about immigration or the ethnic cleansing of the British Isles going on right now. UKIP’s Milo-style Alt-Light gimmick has already crashed and burned since most of its platform sucks. They were held together by the power of Nigel Farage’s personality and he’s gone.

So Go Corbyn!