There’s Only One Breed of Dog: The Dog Breed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

Despite the vile claims of dog breedists, science has shown that there is only one breed of dog: the dog breed.

The fact that pit bulls are only 6.5% of the dog population and yet responsible for 74% of fatal dog attacks has nothing to do with breed.

This is the result of poor dog training.

If we want to stop pit bull attacks, we need to cut the breedist language and focus on giving more money to programs that train pit bulls not to kill so many human children.

After all, there are mixed breeds of dogs, meaning that there is no such thing as breeds of dogs. There is no pure dog breed.

You can help the pit bull struggle for liberation from breedism by becoming a pit bull ally, and standing up to people who claim that pit bull attacks are related to their breed. Arm yourself with the scientific facts that dog breeds are a social construct and all dogs are exactly the same. Then if you’re in public or among friends and family and you find someone saying that pit bulls are dangerous, shut them down.

As long as pit bulls are being oppressed and disenfranchised because of unscientific theories about the existence of “breeds” of dogs, no dog will ever be free.