There’s Only One Breed of Dog: The Dog Breed

I came across a story about a toddler being mauled to death by her family dog in Fort Worth, Texas in local media.

I was shocked to find that the report did not specify the breed of the dog.

So I played the video associated with the article.

At first, I assumed this was the dirty dog responsible:

But that dirty dog is the television presenter.

Then, we see the dog:

That is clearly some kind of pit bull.

The media is literally protecting the pit bull race.

I don’t even understand what this is. It is some kind of psychological thing, I think, where news reporters are so used to hiding the race of human murderers that they just assume they’re supposed to do the same with dog murderers.

The reason they won’t ban these killer dogs is probably because it would make people consider the question of breeds of humans.

The excuses are the same, too: they say that pit bulls kill children because they are badly trained, just like they say blacks kill people because of the education system.

Antifa should weigh in on this.

If Antifa attacked a group of anti-pit bull protesters, I think that event would make everyone in America realize what is going on with this “racism” hoax.