There will be No Autopsy for Scalia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2016


I’m not usually into conspiracy theories, but…

…this was pretty convenient, no?

Chicago Tribune:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of natural causes and no autopsy was necessary, a judge has told The Associated Press.

Chris Lujan, a manager for Sunset Funeral Homes in Texas, said the 79-year-old jurist’s body was taken from the El Paso facility late Sunday afternoon and was to be flown to Virginia, although he had no details. Scalia’s family didn’t think a private autopsy was necessary and requested that his remains be returned to Washington as soon as possible, Lujan said.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told The Associated Press on Sunday that she consulted with Scalia’s personal physician and sheriff’s investigators, who said there were no signs of foul play, before concluding that he had died of natural causes. He was found dead in his room at a West Texas resort ranch Saturday morning. Guevara says the declaration was made around 1:50 p.m. Saturday.

However, Guevara raised new questions about Scalia’s health in the days before he died. She told The Associated Press that Scalia’s doctor told her Scalia had a history of heart trouble, high blood pressure and was considered too weak to undergo surgery for a recent shoulder injury.

Those details are seemingly at odds with the recollections of friends who described Scalia has his usual, happy self during the time leading up to his death. Unlike presidents, the high court’s members don’t provide regular health disclosures to the public.

Terry Sharpe, assistant director for operations at El Paso International Airport, said a private plane carrying Scalia’s body departed around 8 p.m. EST Sunday. Scalia’s body was accompanied to the airport by U.S. marshals, he said. The body was returned to Virginia late Sunday.

Scalia’s weekend death was as much of a shock to those at the ranch as it was to the rest of the nation

Probably, it is what it is. That is most likely. 79 is very old.

Refusing to do the autopsy though, that is very weird.