There Isn’t a Good Reason to Reopen the Government

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2019

The faces of Chuck and Nancy yesterday after their meeting with President Trump prove who is in charge here.

I support the government remaining shut down indefinitely, because there simply is no reason to do some other thing.

The Democrats are committed to reopening it, and they’re coming into power in the House with all of this big energy, and refusing to let them have this really demoralizes their base.

The Jewish media was claiming “you just wait, when Nancy gets in, she’s gonna get it all sorted out.” But that didn’t happen.

And no Republican cares about this. All of the feds affected are Democrats anyway. It’s Chuck and Nancy’s people who are being hit by this, and eventually they are going to be like “is flooding America with Central Americans really the most important thing on earth, Chuck and Nancy? What about your actual voters?”

Chuck and Nancy are saying “we’ll talk about the WALL funding when the government is reopened,” which is saying “give us all your leverage and then we’ll agree to negotiate with you.”

If I were Trump, I would start making more demands. I would say that for every week they refuse to give the 5 billion, he’s adding a billion.

Eventually, real stuff will be defunded, if this goes on long enough. But it’s all going to be Democrat stuff.

When the food stamp funding runs out – which apparently will happen at some point – Chuck and Nancy are going to have to explain to the blacks that they have to starve so that they can flood the country with illegal immigrants.

Black people don’t even like immigrants, let me tell you. And they will riot.

Trump needs to start spamming this video of Chuck talking about illegal immigration.

And ask him: what changed, Chuck?

Of course, we know what changed – they needed to build-up enough brown voters to shift away from their white base. But the average person sees that video – from 2009 – and their mind is totally blown.

Right now, it appears that Mitch McConnell won’t crack. He’s said flat out that he won’t override the president. That could change – I guess – but that is his position right now.

And by all accounts, this shutdown is extremely popular with Republicans.

It is certainly what we voted for.

McConnell is the weakest link at this point, for sure. And that’s the office everyone should be calling.

Trump was very confident at his press conference yesterday, and I think he’s separated himself from a lot of the most poisonous people and he’s ready to hold down the fort.

If McConnell breaks, however, Trump needs to make it clear that it was out of his hands. He absolutely should not make a deal based on the fact that McConnell is getting ready to crack. He should force a veto override. That would only make people love him more and hate the government more.

People are loving him now.

I’m loving him now more than I have in over a year.

This is what we voted for, and it should have happened earlier, but better late than never.