There is Zero Chance Joe Biden is Going to Show Up to a Presidential Debate

Tucker Carlson has been so on point lately that it’s shocking. In an eight minute clip this week, he started by attacking New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and ended by attacking founder Ezra Klein. Obviously, those two individuals have something very important in common – they’re elitists who want to take over the government and use it to kill white people.

They’re also both Jewish, but that’s purely a coincidence and something that is hardly worth mentioning at all, because it’s possible there are Jews somewhere who don’t want to kill all Christian white people in order to settle an ancient tribal grudge.

Friedman is currently demanding that Joe Biden not appear on stage for debates with Donald Trump. As Tucker points out, it is simply a fact that this will not happen. There is just no chance. These debates are six hours long. There is absolutely no way that Joe Biden can get up on stage and confront Donald Trump like that. He can barely manage to make it through a short interview. In fact, he can barely remain coherent in a pre-recorded statement.

It’s not happening. No chance. They will come up with some kind of excuse. Friedman offered excuses, saying that Biden should demand Trump’s tax returns and other caveats before he agrees to the debate.

It won’t happen.

Tucker went on to talk about how they are planning to make it illegal for you to defend yourself. He is going to have to say it eventually: if Biden wins, they are going to start killing us.

Mobs of blacks are going to march into white suburban neighborhoods, they are just going to start slaughtering people, the cops will not come, and if you successfully defend yourself, you will go to prison for racial hate crimes.

Tucker addressed a recent Klein tweet about freedom of speech.

Destroying freedom of speech is crucial to this agenda, because they cannot allow people to go on the internet and talk about the slaughter that will be taking place once the Democrats take over. Yes, they are cleansing the internet of various “offensive” personalities as a way to prevent Trump from having any support going into the election, but the larger issue is that they want to be able to let you get slaughtered without anyone being able to talk about it.

This is real life, people. You need to accept it and you need to start figuring out how you’re going to protect yourself.

Everyday, you see these people marching through the streets, shouting hate slogans against white people. They are doing it all across the country. Everywhere. Clearly, these people want to kill you – no one can deny that. They are foaming at the mouth with racial hatred.

They are also talking about completely abolishing the cops. They are talking about making it illegal for white people to call the cops when blacks threaten them.

They are systematically dehumanizing whites in the media.

Here’s another segment from Tucker you should watch where he comments on the City of Seattle targeting white people and telling them to feel bad about being white. They literally took them in a room and told them to work on doing things to make up for the fact they were born white.

It’s absolute dehumanization.

I understand that this comes as a shock to you, and it is difficult to accept that it is really happening, but at this time next year, you or people you know could be dead at the hands of a black mob that has been unleashed by Jews to slaughter white Christians.

Do the math:

  • They have put together a violent mob that is roaming the streets of every city in this country, all the time, screaming obscenities about how much they hate white people.
  • They are systematically dehumanizing white people in the media.
  • They are trying to remove the police from cities, and Joe Biden has himself voiced support for federal initiatives to remove the police from America.
  • They are talking about charging you with a crime if you call the police when you are threatened by blacks.
  • They are trying to prosecute whites who drew guns to defend themselves from a black mob marching through their front yard and threatening to kill them.

It’s very simple what is going on here, and you would have to be a moron to not be able to see it.

A moron, or in complete denial because it is so difficult to comprehend, which is what you are. I don’t think you’re a moron. I think you’re in denial.

You need to snap out of it, and start doing everything you can to get Donald Trump elected, and also doing whatever you can do to get outside of the major cities in this country, where the killing is going to be heaviest.

This is a slow motion bullet coming straight for your head.

You need to at least try to dodge it.

There is good news around the corner, because this system cannot be maintained. It will absolutely collapse under its own weight, probably sooner rather than later. But we have to survive if we want to make it to the other side and rebuild.